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Inaugural Lecture Presentation by Professor D.K.J. Mtetwa

Teaching Mathematics in and Era of Rapid Change: Reconceptualising Curricula Content and Pedagogy


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The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) is ranked as the leading University in Zimbabwe and highly rated internationally. It is a comprehensive academic institution committed to teaching, research and community service. The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is intended to position the UZ as an international research-focused institution contributing to global solutions to challenges facing mankind. To achieve the goals set in this plan, the institution will require committed and knowledgeable staff endowed with high levels of integrity. Mindful of its national mandate and its quality assurance thrust, the UZ is determined to navigate around the current challenges and come up with evidence-based solutions. This strategy will result in the production of graduates with high levels of knowledge, skills and integrity who will act as agents for the change desired in our society. Apart from cognitive development, graduates will also possess physical, emotional as well as spiritual intelligence. During the 2016-2020 period, the University intends to nurture and produce ethical graduates with exceptional academic, citizenship and entrepreneurial skills as guided by its vision. There is a clear intent to be ranked among the top 10 universities in Africa by year 2020. This will require further strengthening of the quality assurance systems and a focus on results. The review of the UZ 2011-2015 Strategic Plan demonstrated that quite substantial achievements have been realised through the institution’s own superior human capital and ingenuity. The solid high class infrastructure is supportive of a conducive research and learning environment. The gap analysis drives the strategies for the next five years, ensuring consolidation of gains and renewal as required in some of the thrusts.

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To be a leading centre of innovative higher education, cutting-edge research and service provision that is responsive to the developmental needs of Zimbabwe and beyond.

{slider= Mission}

To provide high quality and innovative higher education training, research and service under the direction of highly competent and passionate academic staff, in line with the clients’ needs to enable significant contribution to sustainable development.

{slider=Key Strategic Thrusts for this Strategic Plan}

1. Postgraduate Training;
2. Innovative Research;
3. Industrial Attachment and Entrepreneurship;
4. Talent Management;
5. ICT Innovation and Integration;
6. Quality Assurance;
7. Social Skills Development and Sports;
8. Infrastructure Development;
9. Wealth Creation;
10. Institutional Management and Ethics;
11.Marketing and Internationalisation.

The above goals will be realised through the strategic activities detailed in the matrix on pages 14 to 17. The University’s innovative programmes, supported by the capacity-building drive, were expected to grow income generated from operating activities by 250%, from $24 million in 2015 to about $60 million in 2020. The growth in student population, driven by an expanded and attractive programme choice, would result in an increase of over 100% in tuition fees, from $13.2 million in 2015 to $28 million in 2020. Income-generating projects would also contribute about $18 million, an increase of about 500% from 2015.




Dr Victor Mugari

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PhD Linguistics and Applied Linguistics 2012 (BLCU; China), MPhil in Linguistics 2008 (UZ),

BA Honours in Linguistics 2003 (UZ). Certificate of Competence in Mandarin 2009 (BLCU; China)

Research Profile


Dr Victor Mugari is a Research fellow with the University of South Africa’s College of Human Sciences, Department of African Languages.

Research interests

Morphosyntax, Semantics and Sociolinguistics and Zimbabwean Sign Language

Courses Taught

Undergraduate: General Linguistics Theory, Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, Schools of linguistic Thought, Bilingualism and Language Contact, Morphology, Field Linguistics, Sociolinguistics

Postgraduate: Language Structure, Applied Sociolinguistics, Research Methods, Language for Academic Purposes

Research Focus Areas

  • Spatial Archaeology
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Farming Communities
  • Heritage Management

Archaeological Theory

Course Taught

  • Archaeological Theory
  • Ethnoarchaeology
  • Research Methods
  • Issues in Southern African Prehistory
  • Heritage Tourism and Development

Prehistory of Eastern and Central Africa

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