Department of Modern Languages


To become an increasingly dynamic cluster of related language sections engaged in teaching, research and community service.


To provide multiple services to the University and wider community and the world at large; to produce well-rounded students whose skills are relevant to the world in which they live.


Enabling Conditions

  • Highly-qualified professional staff, conducive teaching and learning environment (up-to-date equipment, upgraded laboratory facilities, up-to-date teaching and learning material)
  •  Local, regional and international linkages and partnerships
  •  Administrative support and appreciation of the relevance of the Department and its services
  •  Commitment, cooperation, innovative thinking on the part of staff members and students
  •  Efficient and effective management of departmental programmes.


Strategic Thrusts

  • Emphasis on practical and relevant programmes, which are comparable to those offered at regional and global level
  • Increased research output (higher degrees and research articles/projects)
  • Increased income generation
  • Promotion of linkages and collaborations

Major Activities

  • Marketing the Department and its services locally, regionally and internationally
  • Offer of short courses in language and postgraduate diploma course in translation
  • Offer of translation services in languages offered within the Department
  • Invitation of mother-tongue speakers of the languages offered in the Department to present seminars for students and staff members
  • Encourage members to individually or jointly publish research in peer-reviewed journals
  • Promote student participation in relevant cultural events e.g. Francophone Week, Chinese New Year celebrations, Dia de Camões etc