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The Coordinator Disability Resource Centre University of Zimbabwe

P.O. Box MP 167 Mt. Pleasant. Harare.

Tel: 263 - 04 - 303211 Ext 21050

Cell: 0717 402 501 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graduates from 2012 and onwards will be computer literate. They can therefore operate in any environment and at whatever level as they can communicate easily and efficiently. As for the visually impaired they need orientation at their work place and can work independent of a helper. DRC can assist employers in placement of any students with a disability/condition.

Graduates with disabilities are hard - working and usually stay longer with organisations that they join after graduating. Graduates who have joined the teaching profession have good records of producing high percentages passes in the subjects that they teach.

Categories of Students with disabilities/ conditions who have been enrolled up-to-date

  • The visually impaired (totally blind and ire partially sighted)
  • The hearing impaired
  • Physically challenged (those with body deformities, wheelchair-users)
  • Conditions (mental illness, night blindness, epilepsy)


The UZ aims to provide students with disabilities and conditions with the opportunity to realise their individual capabilities for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development through full participation in University activities. In attaining this goal the University aims to provide special services to students with disabilities in such a manner that respects and promotes human diginity, rights and opportunities. The University recognises its obligation to provide a safe physical environment in which students with disabilities and conditions can undertake their studies.

Admission of students with disabilities and conditions

Students with disabilities and conditions are encouraged to seek admission to the University of Zimbabwe. Admission may occur through the routes that already exist in the University i.e. through standard, special or affirmative criteria.The University will only refuse a student a place on the grounds of their disability/condition where:

  • the content, structure or delivery of the chosen course of study is such that the student would be prevented horn fulfilling a major port of the requirements of the course and the University is unable to provide suitable staff or facilities to allow the requirement to be met or
  • the chosen course of study leads to a professional qualification and the relevant professional body has regulations which would preclude membership by persons with particular disability/condition.

No applicant be refused a place at the University on grounds of disability alone before an opportunity has been provided for full consideration of the specific support or facilities required. Any decision to refuse a place to otherwise suitably qualified candidate will be subject to ratification by a committee chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zimbabw.

Affirmative Action to Students with a disability/condition

Though minimum standards of entry into a course at the University will be followed, special consideration will be given to students with disabilities as a result of impairments for admission to courses of their choice provided they have the minimum requirements at ”0” level and ”A” level. Such students may be admitted to courses if they have points less than the usual cutoff points required for the course for that year.


The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) (then University of Rhodesia) was established in 1955 in a system that was not recognising integration of persons with visual impairment though it was set up on principles of non-discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity and physical stature. It is possible that from its inception UZ admitted students with other forms of disability and integrated them in its academic and social fabric.

It is, however, noted that the visually impaired began to be enrolled in 1979. In 1987 the University of Zimbabwe established the Disabled Students Services (DSS) in response to an increase in enrolment of students with visual impairment who needed services such as braille, audio and large prints. Due to negative connotation of the word ”disabled” the DSS was in 2002 re-named Disability Resource Centre (DRC).


Striving to provide appropriate and user — friendly facilities, services and equipment for students with disabilities and conditions.


Enabling full integration and realization of students with disabilities and conditions potential through the provision of high quality support and advisory services.

The DRC is prepared to help any student with documentation from appropriate professionals including school records. The DRC also assist students with temporary confirmed disabled conditions such as fractures for a specific period.

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