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    AUGUST 2018 Intake 2 Accepted Students

    The University of Zimbabwe wishes to advise applicants for August 2018 intake that they have been offered. Offer letters are available for collection at the University Admissions Office, Mt Pleasant and can be collected before or after the payment of fees.

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    University of Zimbabwe Conquers Africa

    The Vice Chancellor, Professor L.M. Nyagura is proud to announce that the University of Zimbabwe Faculty of Law Moot team won the All Africa International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition in Arusha, Tanzania on Saturday, 25th November 2017.

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    Strong Foundation

    Our students have firm foundations in Business, Science, Health sciences and Humanities

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    Discover. Learn. Become.

    At the University of Zimbabwe, we encourage academic curiosity and spur our students to discover

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UZ | University of Zimbabwe

Faculty Of Agriculture 




Agricultural Economics

Agribusiness Development;  Natural Resources Economics;     Rural Development.

Animal Science

Ruminant andMonogastric Nutrition; Diary Science and Technology;    Public Health.

Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering

Irrigations and Drainage Engineering;        Environmental Systems Engineering;

Land, Water and Environmental Management;   Post-Harvest, Science and Technology;  Food Processing;  Stored Products Entomology;   Systems Analysis and Simulations Modelling; Food Biotechnology Functional Foods;              Bioprocess and Fermentation Technology;  Agricultural Mechanization; Farming Systems Analysis;   Restoration Ecology;  Ecohydrology;  Climate Change Adaptation; Pesticides and the Environment;  Bio Pesticides;   Biodiversity Conservation and Management.

Crop Science

Biodiversity ;   Farming Systems and Agricultural Development

Soil Science

Post-Harvest Science and Technology;    Pesticides and the Environment;

Stored Product Entomology;   Land Use and Evaluation;   Natural Resources Management.




African Languages & Literature

Literature and Cultural Studies;    Onomastics;    Discourse Analysis;     Popular/Cultural Studies;   Theories of Literature;      Oral Literature;      Languages and Gender;  Literature;       Popular Music;     Children’s Literature;      Gender Studies;          Language Planning;         Interpreting and Language Planning;      Policy and Management;       Dialects and Orthography;       Language Change;      Comparative Bantu;      Lexicography;      Corpus Linguistics;    Translation.     

Economic History

Agrarian Studies;     Environmental History;     Water/Irrigation Studies; 

Labour Studies;         Migration and Gender History;         Mining;   Social and Economic Change;        Agribusiness;         Urban History.


African World Studies;      Pan African Culture;      Second Language Acquisition; Language;        Literature;         Literature and Gender.


Spatial Archaeology;  Enthnoarchaeology; Cultural Tourism;      Farming Communities;    Heritage Management ;  Archaeological Site Management;           Pre History of Southern Africa;       Archaeological Theory;      Rock Art;       Conservation of Artistic Expressions;        Liberation War;    War and Strategic Studies;          Socio-environmental  History;      Peace Education;      Security   Migration;     Labour Migration;       Political  History;                  Belonging;      Violence;         Gender in History.

Modern Languages

French and Francophone Literatures;          Queer and Gender Studies;   Onomastics;        Comparative Literature.


Syntax and its Interfaces  with Semantics;       Language Acquisition;  Sociolinguistics;      Phonology;       Speech Impairments;      Sign Language;  Morphology;        Semantics;      Psycholinguistics;       Phonetics;         Syntax;  Sociolinguistics and its Interfaces with Syntax;         Language and Gender;      Discourse Studies;         Corpus Linguistics;       Translation and Interpretation;   Sign Language Issues.

Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy

African Traditional Religion;     Pentecostalism;     World Religions;     Religion and Ethics;       Phenomenology of Religion;      Women in Religion;    Old Testament;   Philosophical Ethics;     Logic;      Philosophy of Education; History of Philosophy;       African Philosophy;      Classical Studies;     Religious and Ethical Issues;     Ecology;     Human Rights;   Gender; Sexuality;     Interreligious Dialogue.    

Theatre Arts

African Cultural Studies;      Performance Studies;    Television and Identity Studies;        Film;        Representation;      Scenography;       Dance;     Music;     Disability Studies;     Gender and Performance;       Politics;    Democracy and Performance;        Youth;        HIV and Sexuality;      Masculinity Visual Studies;   Stagecraft and Design;       Ritual Studies.       





                            RESEARCH AREAS


 Anatomy; Neurosurgery;      Health Economics.

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacokinetics;    Clinical Toxicology;   Pharmacogenetics;    Drug Utilisation; Pharmacogenomics;  Pharmacoepidemiology;   Drug Safety;    Human Genetics;   Pharmacology; Bioinformatics;  Pharmacotheraputics/ARVs.

Community Medicine

Biostatistics;     Public Health;     Occupational Health;    Public Health Medicine;    Health Financing;     Evaluation and Management.

Chemical Pathology

Lipids;     Metabolic Diseases;    Cancer Diseases;    Liver and GIT Diseases;    Clinical Enzymology;     Plasma Protein Disorder;    Biological Reference Values; Laboratory Management.


 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Immunovirogenetics of HIV/AIDS and TB;   Signal Transduction and Skin Cancers; Immunology;    Virology;     Clinical Immunology;     Clinical Sciences; Dermatological;     Malign.

 Medical Microbiology

Bacteriology;     Mycology;      Parasitology;    Molecular Biology.

Medical  Laboratory Sciences

Infectious Diseases;      Medical Microbiology;    Clinical Epidemiology; Medical Diagnostics;    Clinical Biochemistry.


HIV- Infectious Disease;   Cardiology;    Cancer;    HIV/AIDS.

Nursing Science

Community Health;     Maternal Child Health.

Obstetrics and  Gynaecology

Andrology;     Reproductive Epidemiology;    Molecular Diagnostics.




Therapeutics;   Medicinal Chemistry;    Medicinal Plants;    Applied Toxicology.

Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatrics Infectious Diseases.


Radiation Oncology;   Radiation Effects and Protection and DRLS.


Plastics; Nuerosurgery; Urology.




Adult Education

Adult Literacy;    Rural Development and Training;     Gender and Management; 

Adult Participation non-participation in Learning Programmes;      Non-formal Education.

Curriculum and Arts Education

Literature in English – Prose, Poetry and Drama;      Shona Literature; Gender Studies; Children’s Literature;   The Teaching of English;     Theory of Literature and Literary Criticism;    Curriculum Planning and Evaluation;    Curriculum Studies and Educational Psychology; Curriculum Analysis;    ESL Classroom Discourse;    Analysis of Social Conversation;       Onomastics;     Folkore; Indigenous Knowledge;    Biblical Studies;       Religious Education.

Educational Administration

Leadership and Supervision of Education Personnel;      Measurement and Evaluation;      Economics of Education; Educational Business Administration;      Quality Management in Education;        Educational Organisational Development;       Project Management and Evaluation;    Gender Issues in Education;       Educational Planning and Development;  Policy Studies in Education;         Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness.

Educational Foundations

Psychometrics;       Educational Psychology;     Research Statistics and Music;   Philosophy and  Philosophy of Education;      Indigenous Philosophies and Knowledge Systems;   Indigenous Philosophies of Education; Citizenship Education;     Human Rights Education;     Philosophy for Children;     Disability Rights;     Politics and Policy Analysis;      Disability and (Inclusive) Development;      Inclusive Education (Early Childhood to Higher Education);      Disability in Relation to Gender, Religion and  Economic Empowerment;       Postcolonial Theory;        Media and HIV/AIDS; Disability and Indigenous Knowledge Systems;     Community Based Rehabilitation;      Emancipatory Disability Research.

Science and Mathematics Education

Mathematics;     Learning and Instruction of School Mathematics and Mathematical Problem Solving Processes;        Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Contexts for Developing Mathematical Concepts and Thinking;    

Mathematics Teacher Classroom Practices and Approaches;       Mathematics Curriculum Materials Development (Including Teaching/Learning Software);       Mathematics Learning Assessment; Mathematics Teaching/Learning Effectiveness.

Teacher Education

Curriculum; Teacher Education;     Distance and Open Learning Supervision and Evaluation;      Institutional Development;      Distance and Open Learning Systems;    Early Childhood Education;     Child Development Research;   Music and Culture;    Music Education.

Technical Education

Design and Technology;     Teacher Education;      Distance Education; Research and Development;               Product Development and Evaluation.





Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering;    Computer-aided Analysis/Design;    Water Infrastructure;       Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering; Water and Wastewater Engineering;     Applied Water Quality Management; Water Resources Management and Hydrology;   Traffic and Transport Engineering;    Renewable Energy.

Electrical Engineering

Power Engineering;          Renewable Energy

Metallurgical Engineering

Project Development;       Energy Utilisation;       Biochemical and Chemical Processing;       Fertilizer Production;        Heat and Mass Transmission

Minerals Processing;      Chemical Energy.




Public Law

Private Law

Procedural Law

Constitutional Law;  Labour Law;  Corporate Law;  Banking Law;  Tax Law;     International Human Rights Law;  International Law;  Human Rights Law;     Humanitarian Law;  International Criminal Law.
Women’s Law

Women and Access to Justice;  Women and Access to Socio-Economic Rights;

Women and Issues of Discrimination.





Organic Chemistry;  Analytical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry;  Food Safety Chemistry;  Neuro Chemistry;  Green Chemistry;  Nuclear Chemistry;  Atmospheric Chemistry;  Flavour Chemistry;   Physical Chemistry;  Material Chemistry;  Electro Chemistry.

Geography and  Environmental Science

Geographical Information Systems (GISc);     Earth Observation;    Global Navigation Systems (GNS);    Environmental Systems Analysis and Monitoring; Spatial Ecology;    Spatial Statistics;    The Human Environment;  Precision Agriculture;  Spatial Epidemiology.

Institute of Food Nutrition and Food Science

 Product Development;        Food Safety;     Nutrition.


Nutritional Biochemistry;     Biochemical Pharmacology;   Biotechnology;         Immunology;  Nutritional Biochemistry;  Parasite Biochemistry; Lectin Biochemistry;    Regenerative Biomedicine.


Economic Geology;   Medical Geology;      Geochemistry; Mineralogy;   Petrology.


Agrometeorology; Agrometeorological Instrumentation for Precision Agriculture; Biosystems Engineering; Bioscience Engineering; Materials Science; Renewable Energy; Nanotechnology and Nanoscience; Materials Characterisation; Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change; Climate Modelling, Meteorology, Atmospheric Science/Physics; Cloud Microphysics; Numerical Weather Prediction; Applied Optics and Photonics;   Microcontroller-based Monitoring Systems; Electronics and Telecommunications.


Mathematical Modelling;      Pure Mathematics;      Graph Theory.

Computer Science

 Database Systems;    Modelling of Mobile Phone Solutions (Placement of Base Stations and Solution of Calling Packages).

Biological Sciences

Botany;  Taxonomy and  Applied; Medical and Veterinary Entomology; Natural Resource Management; Conversation Biology; General and  Applied Entomology; Entomophagy/Edible Insects; Insect Pollinators; Natural Resource Management; Aquatic Ecology; Limnology; Aquaculture; Fisheries; Ethnobotany;Savanna Ecology; Ecosystem Services and Social Ecology (including Participatory Methods); Community Forestry and Agroforestry; Plant Natural Products; Microbiology; Plant Physiology and Ecology; Wildlife and Rangelands Management and Molecular Biology; Fish Health and  Parasitology.


Estimation Theory;       Actuarial Statistics;      Quality Control, Biometrics, Time Series, Multi Variate Statistics.





CASS Policy Studies; Environmental and Natural Resources Management and Governance.


Centre for Population Studies

Reproductive Health; Population and Development Mitigation;   Health Intervention Programmes; Gender and Population Policies;   Migration; Mortality; Fertility; HIV and AIDS Intervention and Evaluation; Population and Environment; Population and Contemporary Problems; Child Malnutrition and Family Planning; Population Projections.



Monetary and Financial Economics;   Debt;  Regional Integration;  Labour Economics;  Industrial Economics;   International Economics;  Applied Econometrics;  Agricultural Marketing;  Agricultural Policy; Agricultural Development and Policy;  Applied Microeconomics;  Development Economics,  Small Enterprise Development and Local Economic Development;   Corruption Economics;   International Trade.


Political and Administrative Studies

International Relations;  Politics and Governance in Africa;  Gender; International Trade;  International Relations and Foreign Policy;  Public Finance;  Budgeting;  Institutional Governance;  Public Policy Analysis;  Public Sector Reforms;  Political Philosophy;  National Governments;  International Strategic Studies;  Politics and Governance;  Civil Society;  Climate Change;  Sino-Africa Relations;  Chinese Studies;  Foreign Policy;  Public Administration;  Public Policy;   Public Policy Development;    Political Science;  Asian Studies.
Sociology Urban Poverty; Forced Immigration; Rural Development; Policy; Urban Livelihood.
Psychology Developmental Psychology; Health Psychology.






Clinical Veterinary Studies

Veterinary Epidemiology;  Veterinary Public Health;  Herd Health in Particular Mastitis and Fertility; Ruminant Medicine.

Paraclinical Veterinary Studies

Veterinary Parasitology;  Veterinary Bacteriology/Mycology.


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