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Department of Histopathology


Dr Rudo Makunike-Mutasa


About the Department

The department of Histopathology is located in the University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences, housed in the ground floor of Parirenyatwa Hospital. The departmental mission is to teach histopathology to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, provide a quality and timeous clinical service to all hospitals, serve as a specialist referral centre for both public and private laboratories for specialized techniques such as immuno-histochemistry and cytogenetics. The department also strives to conduct research in both molecular and anatomic pathology.

Role in the Faculty

The department teaches the third year of the MBChB curriculum, runs a 4 year Master of Medical Science degree in Histopathology and contributes to the Combined Basic Sciences Course for postgraduates. The department serves as a public and private tertiary referral centre for renal and liver pathology, neonatal pathology, neuropathology, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy. The department contributes to clinico-pathological meetings for Medicine, Oncology and various Surgical departments. It also participates in CPCs for audit. Collaborative research is conducted with various clinical departments.

Research in Progress

  • Colon Cancer in Black Zimbabweans
  • The epidemiology of Brain Tumours
  • Breast Cancer in Zimbabwean Women; compassion between Blacks & Whites

Contact Details

University of Zimbabwe
College of Health Sciences
Department of Histopathology 
Box A178 

Tel: 791631-9 Extn 2350

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