UZ Launches Advanced Junior Faculty Research Training Programme

The University of Zimbabwe College Of Health Sciences (UZ-CHS) launched an exciting advanced junior faculty research training programme at a glittering ceremony held on Wednesday, 10 February 2016, at the CHS Research Support Centre.

The UZ-CHS is one of the 11 medical schools in Sub-Saharan Africa awarded grant funding by the USA NIH/Forgaty International Centre for advanced junior faculty research training.  Dubbed “Promoting Excellence in Research and Faculty Enhanced Career Training (PERFECT) Programme’’, the initiative seeks to serve as a national model and is a follow-up to the highly successful Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Programme.  It will run from 2015 to 2020, with the first cohort commencing training in May 2016.


PERFECT Training Program

The program will support junior faculty training in advanced research and mentorship and will encourage them to pursue careers in research.

Target Scientific Areas 


Women’s Health

Mental Health

Cardiovascular Diseases/Stroke Respiratory Diseases Haematology

Dental/Craniofacial disorders

Core Research Skills Courses: Research methodology, health information literacy, bioethics, research administration, grant writing, scientific writing for publication, presentation skills

Associated Skills Training: Leadership & management & governance, bioinformatics, biosafety, Intellectual property rights and technology transfer


Mentorship, mentored research projects, Electives and attachments


Trainees will be selected from across the UZCHS departments with research interest in the above target scientific areas.

Program Structure

In total 30 trainees will undergo intensive research training in 3 cohorts of 10 over the 5 years of the programme. Each cohort will undergo training over a 24-month period.


  1. Requirements

·   All eligible faculty members from all UZCHS Departments may apply;

·   Must be current faculty member at UZCHS.


  1. Qualifications and Experience

·   MMed or equivalent, MSc, MPhil or PhD ;

·   Not be more than 45 years of age; and

·   Staff development fellows, research fellows, lecturers and senior lecturers.


  1. Expectations

·   Commitment to a research career;

·   Commitment to complete all components of the programme;

·   Commitment to remain on the UZCHS faculty during and beyond the training program; and

·   Strong endorsement of each trainee by departmental chair/departmental board.



Part of the audience during the Launch of the PERFECT Programme

Officially launching the programme, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Levi Nyagura highly commended the UZ-CHS in general and Professor James Hakim, the architect of both the MEPI and PERFECT Programmes, for the strategic thinking and planning that had resulted in the UZ-CHS becoming one of the best medical schools, not only in Africa, but internationally.

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