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Dr Shalote Chipamaunga

Chipamaunga [PhD, MEd, BEd, DNE, SCM, SRN.]
Dr Shalote Chipamaunga is an academic who has worked as a senior lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa for eight years before assuming a similar role at the University of Zimbabwe. Her area of expertise is Medical Education with direct experience in curriculum design and review, strategies for integrative learning and application of 21st Century adult learning pedagogies. Dr Chipamaunga has published in peer review journals and presented abstracts and posters at local and international conferences.
In addition to academia, Dr Chipamaunga is a public health specialist with over 30 years’ experience as a clinical practitioner and over 18 years in programme management of health related programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa. Dr Chipamaunga has also worked with international and country specific development organizations in senior managerial, technical advisory and consultancy roles. Her expertise is in the overall design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of a broad range of health programmes and possesses solid hands-on experience in organizational capacity building, curriculum development, design and delivery of training in primary health care for improvement and maintenance of quality health care services. I joined the Department of Health Profession on the 1st of October 2016

Green-Thompson LP, Mc Inerney PA, Manning DM, Mapukata-Sondzaba NO, Chipamaunga SR, Maswanganyi T (2012). Reflections of students graduating from a transforming medical curriculum in South Africa: a qualitative study. BMC Medical Education, 12(49):1 - 9.
Manning D, McKinley D and Chipamaunga S. 2010. Students’ learning experience in a diversified academic environment. Medical Education. 44(5):493-494
Chipamaunga SR, Mataya R, Muula A. An assessment of sex work in Swaziland: barriers to and opportunities for HIV prevention among sex workers. Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS SAHARA-J 2010, 7(3):44-50
Research interests
⦁    Curriculum integration
⦁    Integrative learning
⦁    Adult learning pedagogy

Farai Daniel Madzimbamuto

Farai Daniel Madzimbamuto [MBChB, MMed, FRCA, SAFRI Fellow]

Department of Health Professions Education
Senior Lecturer
Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine

Following on my MBChB (1985), in the days of Senior House officer rotations, I ended up in the Department of Anaesthesia, in 1988. The MMed programme in the department had recently started, and as measured by pass rate of the MMeds on the UK Fellowship, it was doing very well. I stayed. The training included a rotation in Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent, in the UK. After my MMed (1991) I joined the department as lecturer (1993) and have been joined to it since in various degrees of elasticity. Currently I am Chair of the Department of Health Professions Education (HPE), but also still in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine (ACCM). I have worked in UK and in Botswana, in clinical service and in training / teaching, so I have more than one window to look through. I took a fork in the road when I did the SAFRI [Southern Africa FAIMER Regional Institute] programme (2010). I will be writing a regular piece in the Bulletin of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.
Teaching has always been at the heart of my interests. I remember the best teachers (and worst) I ever had, even at primary school. How to make the education experience of our students and staff cut the same deep farrow today, that’s what we are about in HPE. Our department is new (2014), which in a way reflects the desire and effort the UZ has to keep moving. We run Faculty Development Workshops and have started an annual health educationist’s conference, to promote scholarship in the teaching and training of health professionals. We are also working on the MBChB curriculum review project of the College of Health Science. Much of my work now is related to education, whether as part of the College of Anaesthetists of East Central and Southern Africa [CANECSA], where I am Chair of the Education Committee or the Zimbabwe Anaesthetic Association [ZAA] where I am on the Education Committee.

⦁    Mauchaza K, Madzimbamuto FD, Waner S. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcal aureus in Zimbabwe. Ghana Medical Journal 2016;50:68-71 DOI:
⦁    Madzimbamuto FD, Chikumba E, Lonnee H, Kashiri L, Dube NS, Shubairerwa S. Survey of Oxytocin use in Zimbabwe in postpartum haemorrhage prophylaxis during Caesarean Section. East African Medical Journal 2016;93:15-22
⦁    Moyo N, Madzimbamuto FD, Shumbairerwa S. Adding a transversus abdominis plane block to parenteral opioid for postoperative analgesia following trans-abdominal hysterectomy in a low resource setting: a prospective, randomised, double blind, controlled study. BMC Res Notes 2016 28;9(1):50. Epub 2016 Jan 28.
⦁    Mutetwa EN, Shumbairerwa S, Crawford A, Madzimbamuto FD, Chimoga T, Marange-Chikuni D. Metabolic effects of Carbon Dioxide (CO ) insufflation during laparoscopic surgery: changes in pH, arterial partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide (PaCO ) and End tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtCO)  Cent Afr J Med 2015;61(9/12)
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⦁    Madzimbamuto FD. Book Review: British Medical Association. The Medical Profession and Human Rights. Handbook for a Changing Agenda. London: Zed Books. 2001: Central Africa Journal of Medicine 2005; 51(1/2): 19-20
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⦁    Madzimbamuto FD.  A hospital response to a soccer stadium stampede in Zimbabwe. Emerg Med J. 2003 Nov;20(6):556-9. 
⦁    Madzimbamuto FD, Chiwara R. Audit of critical incident system in Harare and Parirenyatwa Hospitals.  Central Africa Journal of Medicine 2001; 49: 1-5.

Current Research Projects:
⦁    African Surgical Outcomes Study – Zimbabwe.
⦁    Anaesthetic techniques used for Caesarean section in rural Zimbabwe.  
⦁    Using microcloud device with reverse class room lecture technique. 

Leckson Mukavhi

Leckson Mukavhi [ MScEd Mathematics, Bsc Hons Mathematics, Dip Ed, PCC Computer Studies, Advanced Diploma Web Development, Cisco Certified Networking Associate , Cisco Certified Networking Security Associate, mHero Administration, Creative Integration of ICT in Healthcare Research Certificate]

Shale Joyline Kasambira

Shale Joyline Kasambira[M.Sc. in Development Studies; BCom Banking and Finance ; Diploma in Accounting in Business and Management; Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations; Diploma in Business Management/Administration  ; Executive Certificate in Project Management;    Executive Certificate in Diplomatic Administration and Secretarial Services; Executive Certificate in Project Quality Assurance and Management , Executive Certificate in Project and Programme Monitoring and Evaluation ; Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management]                                    



Farai Daniel Madzimbamuto

Qualifications: MBChB, MMed, FRCA, SAFRI Fellow

Chairman: Department of Health Professions Education

Senior Lecturer: Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine

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Faculty Members


Dr Shalote Chipamaunga

Qualifications: PhD, MEd, BEd, DNE, SCM, SRN

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Office Management and Technical Staff


Information and Office Management Officer

Shale Joyline Kasambira
Qualifications: MSc, PGDPM, BComm          

Information and Office Management Officer
Tsitsi Goremsandu
Qualifications: National Diploma in Business Studies (Harare Polytechnic), Diploma in Industrial Relations (UZ), BCom Accounting (ZOU)



Leckson Mukavhi
Qualifications: MScEd Mathematics, Bsc Hons Mathematics, Dip Ed, PCC Computer Studies, Advanced Diploma Web Development, Cisco Certified Networking Associate , Cisco Certified Networking Security Associate, mHero Administration, Creative Integration of ICT in Healthcare Research Certificate   

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