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Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) Degree Part-Time Programme (HACCPP) (4 years)

All the courses in this programme are core courses

Year 1 Courses.

Semester 1

Course Code       Description                             


AC104              Introductory Financial Accounting 1                                    

BS101              Business Administration 1                                                     

CSCO102          Communications Skills for Commerce 1                               

ECON104          Principles of Microeconomics                                    

BS107              Business Mathematics                                                            

Semester 2

Course Code    Description                            


AC114                        Introductory Financial Accounting 2                                                

BS105             Business Administration 2                                                                 

AC105            Information Processing I                                                                  

AC108                        Business Law 1                                                                                  

BS106             Business Statistics                                                                                          

ECON109       Principles of Macroeconomics                                                           

Year 2 Courses.

Semester 1     

Course Code             Description                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

AC115                        Information Processing 2                                                       

AC118                        Business Law 2                                                                                  

AC208                        Intermediate Financial Accounting 1                        

AC210                        Auditing 1                                                                                                      

BS204             Corporate Finance 1                                                   

Semester 2     

Course Code             Description                                                                


AC207                        Cost Accounting & Control 1                                                                     

BS201             Management 1                                                                       

AC218                        Intermediate Financial Accounting 2                                    

CSCO103       Communication Skills for Commerce                                             

AC211                        Accounting Information Systems 1                                                              

Year 3 Courses

Semester 1

Course Code             Description                                                                


AC217                        Cost Accounting & Control 2                                                                   

BS205             Management 2                                                                       

AC220                        Auditing 2                                                                  

AC221                        Accounting Information Processing 2                                               

AC380                        Professional Project Report                                                                      

Semester 2

AC404                        Auditing & Investigations 1                                      

AC407                        Management Accounting & Control 1                      

BS207             Corporate Finance 2                                                   

AC403                        Public Sector Accounting 1                                                                        

Year 4

Semester 1

Course            Description                                                                


AC405                        Tax Law & Practice 1                                                                                    

AC408                        Advanced Financial Accounting 1                            

AC421                        International Accounting Regulatory Framework 1                                      

AC417                        Management Accounting & Control 2                      

AC413                        Public Sector Accounting 2                                       

AC423                        Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes 1                                                 

Semester 2

Course Code             Description                                                    


AC414                        Auditing & Investigations 2                                      

AC415                        Tax Law & Practice 2                                                                                    

AC418                        Advanced Financial Accounting 2                            

AC420                        Accounting Theory & Practice 2                               

AC422                        International Accounting Regulatory Framework 2                                      

AC424            Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes 2                                                 

Career Prospects

Accountancy graduates can pursue careers as:

  • Financial Accountants, Management Accountants, Treasury Managers, Taxation consultants, Internal and External Auditors and Accountants for Central and Local Government.


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