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Dr G. Muponda

Senior Lecturer

Dr G. Muponda
PhD (UZ), MBA (UZ), BSc Econ (UZ)

Research Interests: Financial Management and Entrepreneurial Studies

Published Articles:

  1. Muponda, G. (2012). Nurturing Small-scale enterprise: A vehicle for indigenization and private investment in Zimbabwe. In Manyeruke, C and Phiri, G. Complexities of Transformation in Zimbabwe. OSSREA, Harare.
  2. Muponda, G. (2013). Survival strategies of small firms located in a Marshallian Industrial District. A case study of Zimbabwe’s furniture manufacturing industry. University of Zimbabwe Business Review.Vol.1. pp 3-8.
  3. Muponda, G. (2014) Knowledge Acquisition and Diffusion in Small-firm Clusters. A Complexity Theory Approach. Eastern Africa Social Science Review. Vol. 30 No 2. June, 2014.
  4. Muponda G. (2014) Production Operations Management in Small-firm Clusters. An Alternative View from the Zimbabwean Experience. University of Zimbabwe Business Review.Vol. 2. Number 1, January, 2014.
  5. Muponda, G, Gumbe, S and Ganha, T. (2014). Money market trading patterns in the absence of a central bank. Evidence from Zimbabwe’s banking sector. International Journal of Development and Sustainability. Vol. 3 Number 9: pp 1946 – 1957
  6. Chaneta, I. and Muponda, G (2014). Are small-firm clusters emergent phenomena? Evidence from Zimbabwe’s small furniture manufacturing firms. Ecoforum. Volume 3. Issue 2 (5)
  7. Mugweni, L. and Muponda, G. (2015). Establishing the economic viability of small-scale dairy farming in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, United Kingdom. Vol. 3, Issue 8.
  8. Gumbe, S. and Muponda, G. (2015). Product management strategies in a “dollarized” economy. A case study of Zimbabwe’s consumer products manufacturing secotr (2009 -2014). International Journal of Marketing and Technology. Volume 5, Issue 12.
  9. Muponda, G. (2015). Exploring the root causes of the de-industrialization of Zimbabwe’s manufacturing sector (2009-2014). University of Zimbabwe Business Review. Vol. 3 Nos. 1/2.


  1. Muponda, G. (2004) Corporate Finance. International Business School. Belgravia, Harare.
  2. Muponda, G. (2016) The Time-value of Money. University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare

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