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Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Studies (2½ years on Part-time)

Part 1

Semester 1

Course Code   Course            Description

MTHM501 Principles of Tourism & Hospitality Management

MTHM502      Computing and Information Management                                  

MTHM503      Economic Principles                                             

MTHM504      Accounting and Finance                                

MTHM520      Hospitality Services Management                           


Semester 2

MTHM505      Management and Organisational Behaviour                      


MTHM506      Tourism and Hospitality Law                               

MTHM509      Strategic Management                                        

MTHM521      Hospitality Marketing                                          

MTHM522      French for Tourism                                                               


   Part 2

Semester 1

Course Code   Course           Description                                                                

  1. MTHM508Research
  2. MTHM523Applied Information
  3. MTHM510Southern Africa and Hospitality
  4. MTHM524Entrepreneurship in Tourism and
  5. MTHM525Chinese for Tourism


Semester 2

  1. MTHM511Tourism Development and the   
  2. MTHM513Tourism Operations
  3. MTHM526Human Resources
  4. MTHM527Travel and Tour Operations
  5. MTHM528Tourism Planning and Development


Part 3

Course Code     Course Description                                                                                        

MTHM570       Dissertation


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