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Strategic Thrusts

The UZ overall strategy revolves around two major considerations, namely:

  •  To maintain its relevance to/in society, UZ must clearly satisfy the needs of its clients   and customers, and internal stakeholders.
  •  UZ must, as a matter of urgency, diversify and expand its revenue base if it is to propel itself into a sustainable future.

The University still believes that an appropriate strategy to guarantee the above will be to excel in fulfilling its mandates of teaching, research and service to the community. Several strategic thrusts anchored on Quality Assurance and Ethics have been adopted in order to work towards this, namely:

  • Emphasis on ICT competence;
  • Emphasis on post-graduate programmes;
  • Emphasis on development in addition to research;
  • Emphasis on social skills development;
  • Increased Industrial and Community Attachments;
  • Increased attention to Entrepreneurship training through Private-Public Partnerships;
  • Improving Internal management efficiencies;
  • Emphasis on ethics;
  • Emphasis on Quality Assurance and
  • Developing Intellectual Property Protection and Patent Rights.

 Download UZ Five Year Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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