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Faculty of Education


To serve as the leading Faculty of Education in the production of quality educators, trainers and professionals, nationally, regionally and internationally


To be the premier source in preparing and producing excellent, knowledgeable, skilful, critical, creative and courageous educators; to champion, through our teaching, research and service just, equitable opportunities and outcomes for all individuals whose products make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of Zimbabwe and other countries in and through education. This is achieved by guaranteeing good quality control measures thereby maintaining excellence in teaching and research, applying modern teaching theories, methodologies and technology resulting in quality training and professional certification.

In the line with the above vision and mission the Faculty of Education continues to lead in collaborating with other higher education institutions, especially associate colleges and schools in creating educationally transformative environments that have huge impacts locally and internationally.  In this endeavour the Faculty will seek evidence based educational change for the betterment of Zimbabwe.  Consequently, the Faculty of Education is constantly reflecting on practice leading to constant curricular review geared to meet new challenges arising from the changing times.

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Faculty of Education
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