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Ms Angeline Masowa


Ms Angeline Masowa

PhD Candidate (UCT), MA (UZ), BA Hons. (UZ)

Research interests: Language and gender, Lexicography and translation



  1. Images of Women in Selected Shona and Ndebele Jokes that were Created in Zimbabwe during the Decade of Challenges, 2000-2010: AN EXEGESIS (co-author T. L. Gopo) in the Zimbabwe Women Writers’ Book: Zimbabwe’s Decade of Crisis, 2000 – 2010: Zimbabwean Women’s Critical Perspectives 2013.
  1. Children’s rights not a new phenomenon in Africa: A comparative analysis of children’s rights as depicted in selected Shona/Ndebele folktales and the children’s rights in the United Nations conventions (co-authors T. L Gopo, Z. Mamvura) to be published in Navigating the Contours of African Childhood Experiences: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 2013.
  1. The African Philosophy of Development as expressed in Shona Proverbs (co-author Mamvura Z.) in Zimbabwe International Journal of Languages and Culture, Vol. 2 No3 2012
  1. ‘Re-Discoursing gender in the context of HIV/AIDS: An analysis of Light A Candle (2006) and Totanga Patsva (2005)’ (co-author Kandawasvika-Chivandikwa R.R.) in Re-discoursing African Womanhood in the search for sustainable Renaissance: African Womanhood in Multi-disciplinary Approaches, Z. Mguni Gambahaya et al, Mambo Press, Gweru, 2011.
  1. ‘Sociolinguistic Aspects of Linguistic Innovation in the Chihwindi Linguistic Code’ by Mberi E., Mamvura Z. and Masowa A. in Occasional paper No 68, CASAS, 2011.
  1. The impact of modernisation on African Foklkore: An Afrocentric Exegesis of the Folklore genre amongst the Karanga people’ (co-authors Zivenge W., Charamba T.) in Zimbabwe International Journal of Languages and Culture, Vol. 2 No1 2011.

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