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Dr. N .E. Mberi


Dr. N .E. Mberi

PhD (UZ), MA (UZ), BA Hons. (UZ)

Research interest: Language Change, Dialectolog



1.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (2013) A Descriptive Grammar of Shona Sable Press, Harare. ISBN 978097454828, 268 pages

2.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (2006) The Categorical Status and Functions of Auxiliaries in Shona University of Oslo Press, Oslo. ISBN 82-90954-30-1 180 pages

3.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (1996) Duramazwi reChiShona College Press, Harare (Chimhundu, Herbert-Chief Editor) 445 pages.

Book Chapters

1.       Nhira Edgar Mberi (forthcoming) “A Preliminary Analysis of Some of the    

           Phonological, Morphological, Syntactic and Lexical Variations Between Some  

           Tonga Dialects Spoken in Zambia and Zimbabwe” Resuscitating Zimbabwe’s  

           Endangered Languages: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Tonga Language,

           History and Culture.

2.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (2010) “Looking Back to Go Forward: Harmonization of Central Shona varieties” Harmonization of Shona-Nyai Varieties. Chimhundu H, Magwa W and Chebanne (ed), CASAS Book Series no72, Cape Town, South Africa, pp 49-59 ISBN 978-1-920447-49-6.

3.         Nhira Edgar Mberi “The harmonization of Shona Varieties” Languages and  

           Education in Africa : A Comparative and transdisciplinary Approach. Broke-

           Utne and Ingse Skattum (eds) Symposium Books, Oxford, United Kingdom,  

           2009, pp 253-262, ISBN 978-1-873927-17-5.

4.       Nhira Edgar Mberi (1996) "What is Orature"   An Introduction to Shona  

           Orature. Chiwome, E (ed) Juta Press, Kadoma. ISBN 1 77906 016 5


1.         Nhira Edgar Mberi “Aspects of Linguistic Innovation in The Chihwindi

Linguistic Code. CASAS Occasional Papers Series No 68, 2011, Cape Town, South Africa. 26 pages ISBN 978-1-920287-20-7

2.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (2006). A Unified StandardOrthography for the              

3.         Shona Language Varieties (Botswana,Mozambique and Zimbabwe.)  

4.         CASAS Monograph no.37, 2006, Cape Town, 44 pages


1.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (2013) “A Philosophical Analysis of the Nexus Between Conceptions of Time and Worldview: The Ndebele and Shona Example.“Global Journal of Human Social Science: Linguistics and Education, Volume 13, Issue 6. Online ISSN 2249-460 ISSN Print 0975-587X pp 21-28

2.         Nhira Edgar Mberi (2003) "Metaphors in Shona: A Cognitive Approach" ZAMBEZIA volume 30, no. 1, University of Zimbabwe Pub, Harare pp 72-88

3.         Nhira Edgar Mberi and Mickson Mazuruse(2012) Language Raising, Empowerment and Development: The Case of Shona Language at Great Zimbabwe University.” Theory and Practise in Language Studies Vol 2, No 10, October Academy Publishers, Finland.

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