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Mr. Tawengwa Gwekerere

MA African Languages and literature (UZ), BA Hons. Shona (UZ)

Research interest: African literature and culture, Afrocentricity, Afrotriumphalism, Black liberation thought, Pan- Africanism, African Renaissance studies

List of Publications: 27/05/2014


  1. T. Gwekwerere (co-edited with I. Muhwati, Z. Gambahaya & R. Magosvongwe). 2012. Rediscoursing African Womanhood in the Search for Sustainable Renaissance: Africana Womanism in Multi-disciplinary Approaches. Harare: College Press.

Chapters in Books

1. Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Ruby Magosvongwe & Michael Mazuru).    

2012. An Analysis of the Africana Womanist Emphasis on Self-naming and Self-   definition. In Rediscoursing African Womanhood in Search of Sustainable Renaissance: Africana Womanism in Multi-disciplinary Approaches. Edited by I. Muwati, Z. Gambahaya, T. Gwekwerere & R. Magosvongwe. Harare: College Press. 101 – 113.

  1. Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Itai Muwati & Fainos Mangena). 2012. Manipulating Religious Songs in Electoral Politics: The Case of Zimbabwe’s 2008 Harmonised Elections. In Religion and Politics During Zimbabwe’s Crisis. Edited by E. Chitando & I. Mandaza. Harare: Sapes Trust. 199 – 209.  


1.Tavengwa Gwekwerere. 2013. The African Diaspora in Continental African Struggles for Freedom: Implications on the Teaching of African Renaissance Literature. Southern African Journal of African Languages. South African Journal of African Languages. 34 (1).

2.Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Ruby Magosvongwe & Abner Nyamende). 2013. Black Zimbabwean Women and ‘Jambanja’ in Eric Harrison’s Jambanja (2006). South African Journal of African Languages. 33 (2): 125–132.

3.Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Rethabile Possa and Abner Nyamende)2013. The African Cultural Grounding and Historical Provenance of the Afrotriumphalist Perspective. Southern African Journal for Folklore Studies.

4.Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Gift Mheta). 2012. The Afrotriumphalist      Commitment to Life in Freedom and Dignity in Trans-Atlantic African Literature.       South African Journal of African Languages. 32 (2): 195–206.

5.Tavengwa Gwekwerere (c0-authored with Itai Muwati & Zifikile Gambahaya). 2011 Africana Womanism and African Proverbs: Theoretical Grounding of Mothering/Motherhood in Shona and Ndebele Cultural Discourse. The Western Journal of Black Studies. 35 (1): 1 – 8.

6.   Tavengwa Gwekwerere. 2010. From Nat Turner to Molefi Kete Asante: Reading the  European Intellectual Indictment of the Afrocentric Conception of Reality. Journal of Black Studies. 41 (1): 108 – 126.

Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Itai Muwati & Zifikile Gambahaya). 2010. Children’s Literature, Child Engineering and the Search for an Ennobling Gender Paradigm. Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research. 22 (2): 202 – 214.

7.Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Itai Muwati, Zifikile Gambahaya & Ruby Magosvongwe). 2010. The Management of Ethnic Diversity in Zimbabwean Literature: An Analysis of Selected Novels in Ndebele and Shona. Zambezia: Journal of Humanities. Special Issue: 1 – 15.

8.Tavengwa Gwekwerere (co-authored with Itai Muwati & Zifikile Gambahaya). 2007. Remembrances of the Sociology of Nationalism: The Family in Zimbabwe’s Early 1980s Liberation War Novel Across Languages. Zambezia: Journal of Humanities. 34 (1): 38 -57.

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