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Dr Bridget Chinouriri



Dr. B. Chinouriri
Ext: 14053
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Research Interests: Ethnomusicology, Gender studies, Musical arts and politics, Indigenous Knowledge Systems


Publications, in Refereed Journals, Books

1.         Chinouriri, B. (2013). ‘Drawing from Indigenous Knowledge Systems: A Guide for Shona Creativity and Performance’, in Ebewo, P., Stevens, I., & Sirayi, M., (eds.). Africa and Beyond: Arts and Sustainable Development. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle: 109-121.

2.         Chinouriri, B. (2012). ‘Learning through Musical Arts: the Interplay between Musical Arts and Child Development in Shona Indigenous Milieu’, in African Musicology, 6:44-63.

3.         Chinouriri, B. (2011). ‘The Manipulation of Aesthetic Configurations of Chimurenga Music in Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme, 2000-2010’, African musicology, 5:68-110.

4.         Chinouriri, B. (2011). ‘Funeral Songs among the Urban Shona: Continuity and Change’, Occasional Paper No. 67. Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS):1-15.

5.         Chinouriri, B. (2012). ‘Rebranding African Gospel Music for Political Pursuits: The Case of Zimbabwe in the Land Reform Programme 2000 to 2010’, Readings in Ethnomusicology, 57-68

6.         Chinouririri, B. (2006). ‘The Purity of My Womanhood’ (Fiction) in (ed.) J. Kangira, Creatures Great and Small.

7.         Co-authored A Shona Poetry Anthology entitled Shaurai, Nhetembo DzaNhasi NedzaZuro By Priority Projects Book Publishers. Book was used in the Advanced level of the years 2005 to 2006

8.         Mheta, G., Chinouriri, B., Mavhu, W., Zivenge, W. (2005). (eds.)Dura Mazwi Remimhanzi Nezviridzwa 2005, College Press, Harare, 176 pages.

9.         Chinouriri, B. (2004)Traditional Music -Our Heritage, The Talking Drum, Issue Number, 21, Pan African Society Of Musical Arts Education.

10.       Chinouriri, B. & Manatsa, P. (2014). A Critical Analysis of the Lyrical and the Music Sonic Content of the Zimbabwe National Anthem of Zimbabwe: The Ethnomusicological and Musicological Perspective, Jibilika: Journal of Performing and Creative Arts 1 (1)

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