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    Faculty of Engineering

    Faculty of Engineering is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “engineering” for academic purposes.

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    Engineering Degrees

    Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make meaningful engineering contributions

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Master of Accountancy Degree 1½years Full-time (2½ years on Part-time)

To qualify for a Master of Accountancy:

  • A candidate must normally possess a good honours degree with a 2.2 or better in Accounting and two (2) years post graduate work experience.

Part 1 (First Semester for Full time Programme)

Course            Course                                                                                   

Code               description                                         

MACC506      Management of Accounting

                        Information Systems                                                                                     

MACC502      International Management Accounting & Control   

MACC503      International Accounting & Financial Reporting

MACC504      International Financial Management                                              

MACC505      Environment of International Business                    

MACC511    Advanced Public Sector Finance and Accounting               

Part 2 (Second Semester for Full time Programme)

MACC501      Research Methods                                                                                         

MACC507      Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting

MACC508      The Global Financial Regulatory Framework

MACC509      Corporate Finance                                                           

MACC510      International Banking Capital Markets                                           

MACC512       Corporate Governance and Accountability                         


Part 3 (Part 2 for Full time Programme)


MACC 570                   Dissertation 

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