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Mr Samuel Chari

Mr Samuel Chari

 Mr S Chari


  • MSc Data and  Communications  Engineering, University Of  Zimbabwe

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 0772 226 229

Work Experience

Country Date from – Date to   Country Date from – Date to
SEYCHELLES September 2011- July 2012 ALL SADC Countries August 2012- August 2013
KENYA August 2014- January 2014    

Practical skills in building  multi-tier, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)  Information Systems for real-            time or delayed data manipulation  as  critical inputs into forecasting , planning and policy formulation.   Hands on experience architecting and building of mission critical systems in a             variety of domains including  energy, e-government, e-business, e-banking, payments, finance, trade databases, trade statistics , investment climate improvement ,social  and economic statistics,  real-            time incident  monitoring, tracking, mobile telecoms, earth observation, GIS/ mapping, environmental science. Experience in ground assessments of business processes, legal frameworks and technical capacities for e-Services. Designing and building an e-Government system for automating business registration, permits and licensing processes. Designed a secured payments infrastructure for government services. Experience in evaluating large-scale multi-country ICT, Energy and Transport Infrastructures and Services, Science&, Technology and Innovation     programmes. Regional e-readiness and broadband offer and penetration assessments. Formulating strategies for lowering ICT costs and increasing broadband penetration in   Southern Africa, with             recommendations for landlocked countries and small islands states.  Advising on regional harmonisation of national ICT policies and legislation.        Advising on measuring   national and regional Energy and ICT development.  Updating regional strategy for ICT, transport and energy infrastructure development.  Recommending 

policy regulation reform and business process re-engineering for putting     public services online, including adoption of digital signatures and online          payments for services                                                                      .          

Membership of professional bodies: Member, Institute Of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, No: 91331295 , .  Member, Association of Computing Machinery No:9080669,

Research  Focus Areas

  1. Energy
  2. MIS
  3. Enterprise
  4. Mobile
  5. GIS
  6. Telecoms
  7. System Design and Development.

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[1] M.M Elmissiry, and Samuel Chari “Various modes of dynamic operation of an axial flux,permanent magnet brushless machine”  , THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Sept 1995

[2] M.M Elmissiry, and Samuel Chari “Modes Of Operation of an axial flux, permanent magnet brushless machine”  , Proceedings Of the Zimbabwe Institution Of Engineers, Volume 1,Number 1, May 1996

[3] M.M Elmissiry and  Samuel  Chari “Perfomance  of  an toroidal stator ,axial flux brushless dc motor under dynamic conditions of operation”  , Proceedings of the IEE  6th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives,Oxford, UK, 8-10 Sept 1993, page 612-618

[4] M.M Elmissiry and Samuel Chari, “Dynamic Perfomance of a Permanent Magnet, Axial Flux Toroidal stator  Brushless D.C. Motor,” IEEE Africon 92 Proceedings... pages 400-403


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