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Eng. Clement S. Shonhiwa




Eng. Clement S. Shonhiwa

MSc. In Chemical Engineering (UCLV –Cuba), Certificate in boiler Operations (City and Guilds), MSc. (Renewable Energy – UZ), DPhil – Science –“Patent: Jatropha Biodiesel 

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Mobile: (+263-773 485 140

Academic Qualifications

Year                                           Qualification

1994                                             MSc. In Chemical Engineering (UCLV –Cuba)

1998                                             Certificate in boiler Operations (City and Guilds)                                           

2001                                             MSc. (Renewable Energy – UZ)

2012 (understudy)                      DPhil – Science –“Patent: Jatropha Biodiesel Production Plant”.

Posts held

1994 to 1997                              High School Teacher – Munyoro Sec. School

1997 to 2003                              High School Teacher – Bonda Girls High School

2003 to 2004                              Lecturer – Masvingo Polytechnic

2004 to 2006                              Chinhoyi University of Technology

2005 to 2009                              Production Manager – Finealt Engineering

            2009 to present                           Lecturer – Department of Mechanical Engineering (UZ), Renewable Energy Consultant – Green Fules Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe National Army, Ministry of Science and Technology


BSc.,   MSc.- Chemical Engineering and Renewable Energy


1.     Shonhiwa C.S. Gudyanga F.P and Chiguvare Z. Parametric Optimization of a          Continuous Flow Biodiesel Reactor or Economic Biodiesel Production from       Jatropha Curcas Seed Oil. Pages 115-140 International Union for Pure and    Applied Biophysics (IUPAB), 2011.

2.    Shonhiwa C.S. Chiguvare Z. and Gudyanga F.P. Jatropha Biodiesel as           Alternative Transport Fuel in Zimbabwe. Aspects of Biodiversity. Pages 160-        175 The Royal Society of Chemistry UK – ISBN: 978-1-84755-948-7, 2010

3.   Gudyanga, F.P, Shonhiwa C.S. and Chiguvare Z.The roles of Jatropha in    biodiesel and sustainable development in Africa.Science Technology, and Innovation for Socio-Economic Development – Success Stories from AfricaPages 141-158 ICSU Regional Office for Africa –ISBN 9780620457415, 2009

4.   Shonhiwa C.S., Gudyanga F.P. and Chiguvare Z. Kinetic Modeling of Transesterification of Jatropha Curcas Seed Oil in a Biodiesel Batch Reactor. Pages 12-13 Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa (JASSA) UZ.             ISSN 1019-7788, 2009

5.   Shonhiwa C.S. Chiguvare Z and Gudyanga F.P Continuous Flow Reactor     Using Reactive Distillation Technique For Economic Biodiesel Production In       ZimbabwePages 15-32 Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) - RCZ 8th          Symposium Proceedings 2009.

6.   Zhuga T.A, Munyaradzi B. and Shonhiwa C.S. Design of Alternative Energy Systems: A Self-Starting Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Stand Alone      Application Pages 115-126. JSTOR 2009

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