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Blessed Masunda


Blessed Masunda
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Specialisations:Animal Physiology, Dairy Production
Research In Progress:

  • Potential for commercial small scale milk production and processing from beef type cattle in the Otjinene Smallholder farming area of Namibia.
  • The efficacy of Aloe vera and Bidens pilosa additives in broiler feeds
  • The use of oregano as a feed based growth promoter in broilers.
  • Technology adoption by smallholder dairy farmers in Zimbabwe: A case study of Nharira-Lancashire scheme


1. Masunda B., Marjory Kandjou, Mpofu I.D.T and Mano R. (2012) The potential for small scale milk processing schemes from the semi normadic pastoral cattle production in Namibia (Submitted for publication)
2. Masunda B. and Imbayarwo-Chikosi E.V., 2011. Adoption of feed technologies by smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe: The challenges. Paper presented at the Higher Education and Intellectual Expo held at the University of Zimbabwe, 14-18 February 2011.
3. Masunda B. and Mutetwa L.R., 2007. Success stories in beef production during the Fast Track Land Resettlement Period in Zimbabwe. In C.T Khombe and L.R Ndlovu (eds) Livestock production in the post land reform period in Zimbabwe. Published by the Centre for Rural Technologies, National University of Science & Technology
4. Masunda, B., Mutisi, C. and Hamudikuwanda H. 2004. Ovarian activity and general reproductive performance of Mashona cows in Sanyati communal area. Paper presented at the 7th Science and Technology symposium held at Harare International conference Centre, 1-3 September 2004
5. Masunda, B., Mutisi, C., Hamudikuwanda, H., and Agumba, J.G.O., 1999. The concentration of faecal progestins during the oestrous cycle in Nkone cows and the effects of duration of storage of faecal samples at room temperature on faecal progestin levels. Tropical Animal Health and Production 31: 373-381.
6. Masunda, B., Mutisi, C., Hamudikuwanda, H., and Agumba, J.G.O., 2002. The use of faecal progestin measurements to monitor reproductive activity in Mashona cows in a smallholder farming area of Zimbabwe. Tropical Animal Health and Production 34:309-318.

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