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Mrs Sharai Ncube


Mrs Sharai Ncube
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Specializations: Animal Nutrition

Research In Progress:

  • Ncube S and Mpofu I. D. T. Assessing the potential of using nylon bags in batch analysis of crude fibre and ether extract of livestock feeds.
  • Ncube S and Muzhizhizhi T. Farmers’ awareness of goat helath challenges in Uzumba Communal lands in Murehwa, Zimbabwe
  • Tavirimirwa B., Manzungu E., Ncube S. A comparative evaluation of the nutritive value of dominant and improved grass species in fallows in Chibi district.

1. S. Ncube & G. H Matondi (2008). Feeding Constraints and Use of Forage Trees as Alternative Feed Sources for Poultry Production in Chikwaka Smallholder Farming Area of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 1 (2) Page 60-63
2. S. Ncube, H. Hamudikuwanda and P. T.Banda (2012). The Potential of Acacia angustissima Leaf Meal as a Supplementary Feed Source in Broiler Finisher Diets. International Journal of Poultry Science11(1) 55-60
3. S. Ncube H. Hamudikuwanda and P. T. Saidi Carcass yield and internal organ characteristics of broilers on Acacia angustissima leaf meal based diets. Journal of Zimbabwe studies. In print
4. G.H Matondi, E. Masamha, I.D.T Mpofu and S. Ncube Nutrient intake and utilization by goats fed graded levels of cottonseed meal. Journal of Zimbabwe studies. In print
5. S. Ncube, H. Hamudikuwanda and P. Saidi. (2012) Voluntary feed intake and growth of broilers on acacia angustissima leaf meal based starter and finisher diets. Livestock Research for Rural Development 24(08)

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