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Dr Emmanuel Tendai Nyahangare


Dr Emmanuel Tendai Nyahangare 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Specializations: Nutritional Biochemistry & Animal Nutrition
Research in progress

  • Surveys of ethno-veterinary plants used in tick control in Sanyati, Matopos, Chiredzi and Muzarabani Districts.
  • Toxicity and phytochemical analysis of acaricidal plants in Zimbabwe
  • Optimisation of acaricidal activity of plants used for control of cattle ticks in Zimbabwe
  • Mode of action of selected acaricidal plants against cattle ticks

Recent publications
1. Madzimure, J., Nyahangare, E. T., Hamudikuwanda, H., Hove, T., Stevenson, P.C., Belmain S.R., Mvumi B.M., 2011. Acaricidal efficacy against cattle ticks and acute oral toxicity of Lippia javanica ( Burm f.) Spreng. Trop Anim Health Prod 43 : 481 – 489
2. Nyahangare, E.T., Hove, T., Mvumi, B.M., Hamudikuwanda, H., Belmain, S.R., Madzimure, J., Stevenson, P.C., 2012. Acute mammalian toxicity of four pesticidal plants. Journal of Medicinal Plant Research. 6 (13) : 2674 – 2680
3. Nyahangare, E.T., Mvumi, B.M., Stevenson, P C., 2012. Tick control measures from nature. Agriland. May/June 77. (Online journal)

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