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Mr Mutibvu Tonderai

Mr Mutibvu Tonderai 
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Specializations: Animal Nutrition
Research in progress:

  • Chipunza M., Mutibvu T., Mbiriri D., Kashangura M. Intergrated Crop-Livestock Systems in newly resettled areas of Goromonzi District Zimbabwe.
  • Marandu N., Chimonyo M, Shonhiwa T and Mutibvu T. The effect of within litter variation on piglet survival and pre-weaning piglet weight gain in a commercial herd.
  • Mbiriri D and Mutibvu T. The Role of Medicinal Plants in Livestock Disease control and treatment in Zimbabwe
  • Mutibvu T. Characterisation of Goat Production Systems in Ruwangwe, Nyanga.
  • Mutibvu T. Russian comfrey as an alternative protein source in broiler diets.
  • Mutibvu T. Challenges to fodder and forage conservation for smalllholder farmers in Rusitu Dairy Scheme
  • Mutibvu T. Effects of method of administration of Aloe vera on broiler performance
  • Mutibvu T. A survey of Guinea fowl production in the Wedza district of Zimbabwe

1. Mlambo T., Mbiriri D. T., Mutibvu T. and Kashangura M. T. 2011. Village chicken production systems in Zhombe communal area of Zimbabwe. Livestock Research for Rural Development (LRRD). Volume 23, Article #154
2. E. S. Masimba, D. T. Mbiriri, M. T. Kashangura and T. Mutibvu. 2011. Indigenous practices for the control and treatment of ailments in Zimbabwe’s village poultry.Livestock Research for Rural Development (LRRD). Volume 23, Article # 257
3. M aburutse B E, Mutibvu T, Mbiriri D T, Kashangura M T. 2012. Communal Livestock Production in Simbe, Gokwe South District of Zimbabwe. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research. Vol 2 (4) 351 – 360.
4. Mutibvu T, Maburutse B E, Mbiriri D T and Kashangura M T 2012: Constraints and opportunities for increased livestock production in communal areas: A case study of Simbe, Zimbabwe. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 24, Article #165.

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