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Dr Tarisayi Pedzisa


Dr Tarisayi Pedzisa
Qualifications:PhD Agric. Econs (UP,SA); MSc Agric Econs, BSc Agric (UZ)
Research Areas:


Tarisayi Pedzisa holds a PhD in Agriculture Economics from the University of Pretoria, an MSc in Agriculture Economics and BSc Agriculture from the University of Zimbabwe. She worked as a researcher consultant at ICRISAT-Bulawayo before joining the University. Some of the projects she has worked on include ; Assessing the contribution of Conservation Agriculture to building resilience under drought conditions in southern Africa , Improving the impacts of soil fertility research in Southern Africa, Evaluating the implementation of seed fairs in Zimbabwe and Impact evaluation of fertiliser microdosing in Zimbabwe. Her research interests include value-chain analysis, linking smallholder farmers to markets, impact evaluation, adoption and development of appropriate technologies and climate smart agriculture. She has a number of publications including journal articles, research reports and conference proceedings.

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