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Miss Chiedza Cecilia Gwata


Chiedza Cecilia Gwata
Qualifications: MSc, MA, BSc
Research Areas:

Miss Chiedza Gwata is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension at the University of Zimbabwe and her specialisation is in Natural resource management and resources economics. Undergraduate courses taught include Resource Economics, Cost Benefit Analysis and Agricultural Development and her research interests are natural resource management and climate change.

1. K Nhundu, C Gwata and A Mushunje. 2010. Impacts of Zimbabwe – European Union Micro Project Programme (ZIM/EU MPP) in funding Smallholder Irrigation Projects on Food Security and Income Levels. A Case of Mopane Irrigation Scheme in Zvishavane, Midlands Province in Zimbabwe.
African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol 5 (14) pp 1759 – 1771, 2010.
2. Patt Anthony and Gwata C.C. Seasonal Climate Forecast Applications for Zimbabwe’s Smallholder Agriculture. Global Environmental Change. Human and Policy Dimensions 12: 185- 195. September 2002
3. Patt A., Suarez p. and Gwata C.C. Effects of Seasonal Climate Forecasts and Participatory Workshops Among Subsistence Farmers in Zimbabwe. PNAS vol 102 no.35: 12623: 12628. September 2005.

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