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Dr Emmanuel Mwakiwa

Senior Lecturer

Dr Emmanuel Mwakiwa
Qualifications:PhD, MSc, BSc
Research Areas:

Dr Emmanuel Mwakiwa is a senior lecturer and researcher. He has published in high impact referred international journals and has over 19 years’ experience in the agricultural sector. He has dealt with issues on food security, resilience, humanitarian to development paradigm, livestock, role of markets in humanitarian and food security programmes, and value for money and rural development issues. He also has experience working in Government, Private, NGO (national and international) and academic sectors. He has work experience in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Netherlands. He has vast experience in programme management, and has been already exposed to various donor systems and international organizations including African Union, European Union, FAO, USAID, DANIDA and IFAD amongst others. 


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