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Professor Vitalis Nyawaranda

Professor Vitalis Nyawaranda


Professor Vitalis Nyawaranda

Ph.D. English as a Second Language-ESL (McGill);  

M.A. ESL (UZ); B.A. Special Hons, Shona (UZ); B.A. Special Hons, English (UZ); B.A. General, Eng and Shona (UZ); Certificate in Education, Gweru Teachers’ College.

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Research Interests: ESL Classroom discourse.

Current Research: Analysis of social conversation,        


Books Published

  1. Chave Chirungu Chino. Harare: The Literature Bureau, 1979.
  2. Mwana Womumusha, The Literature Bureau (1980)
  3. Mira Nowako, Longmans (1982) – “A” Level set book
  4. Mutunhu Une Mago, Longmans (1985) – “O” Level set book
  5. Paida Mwoyo, College Press (1987) – “A” Level set book
  6. Mombe Yaishereketa,College Press (1987)
  7. Ndiani Achariima Gura? College Press (1990) – “O” Level set book
  8. Vakaimedza Ichiri Kufema, Mambo Press (1990)
  9. Barika RemashefuLongmans (1991) University Set book – “A” Level set book
  10. The Swinging GraduateJuta (1995)
  11. MadhiriThe Literature Bureau (1996)
  12. Chakauya Chokumayadhi,The Literature Bureau (1997)
  13. Teaching Englishin Zimbabwe: Trends and Prospects (in press)
  14. Grade 3 Writing Norms Test: Answer Book,HRRC (2003)
  15. Grade 3 Writing Norms Test: Administration Manual,HRRC (2003)
  16. Grade 6 Writing Norms Test:Answer Book,HRRC (2003)
  17. Grade 6 Writing Norms Test: Administration Manual,HRRC (2003)
  18. Comprehensive English Literacy Norms for Zimbabwe Primary Schools: Grade 6 Teacher’s Manual
  19. Comprehensive English Literacy Norms for Zimbabwe Primary Schools Phase 1 Report – (Co-Editor)
  20. Ndawi O. and Nyawaranda V. (Editors) Teaching Humainities at Secondary School (in press)

Work Published in Anthologies/Books

  1. Style and form in Mungoshi’s works. In M.T. Vambe and M. Chirere (eds) (2006). Charles Mungoshi: A critical reader.Harare: Prestige Books, 2007 – 213.
  2. Two poems in And now the Poets Speak, Zimunya & Kadhani) (eds) Mambo Press (1981)
  3. Two poems in Nhetembo , The Literature Bureau(eds), Mambo Press (1972)
  4. Five poems in Gwenyambira, C. Mungoshi (ed.), Mambo Press (1979)
  5. One Short Story in Hondo Yechimurenga The Literature Bureau (ed.), Mambo Press (1982)
  6. One Short Story in Gore Rechitatu by C.J Ngwaru, College Press (1988)
  7. One short Play in Kuziva Mbuya Huudzwa Book 1 by G. Matindike, Zimbabwe Educational Books (1980)
  8. One Short Play in Kuziva Mbuya Huudzwa Book 4 by G. Matindike, Zimbabwe Educational Books (1982)
  9. One Comprehension passage in Zambuko Book 4 by H. Chimhundu, College Press (1991)
  10. One Short Story in The Rainbow Flute, Finlayson, R. (ed.) Shuter & Shooter (1997)
  11. Two poems in Chakarira Chindunduma M. Zimunya (ed.), Mambo Press (1981)
  12. ‘Teaching Literature in English’. In Teaching Humanities at Secondary School, edited by Ndawi, O. and Nyawaranda V, (in press)
  13. Form and style in Mungoshi’s writings (Chapter contribution). In Vambe and Chirere (eds). (2006) Mungoshi: A critical reader. Harare: Prestige

Published Papers/Articles

  1. Dyanda, C, Makoni, R, Nyawaranda V, Tondhlana, J, Machingaidze, E, Muyambo, G, and Sithole, J. (2006). The Nature of the Comprehensive English Literacy Test of the University of Zimbabwe, (Celtuz-Primary) – Field Edition. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research,vol. 18 , no 2, December, 2006, 275 – 286
  2. Shumba O.and Nyawaranda V. (2005). Quality education for social transformation: Methodological perspectives of the Growing Up and Sexual Maturation Project Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research, vol.17, no. 2, July, 2005, 80 – 90.
  3. Nyawaranda, V. Doing a qualitative study. The Zimbabwean Bulletin of Teacher Education, Vol. 12, Issue 1, June, 2003, pp. 1 – 16
  4. Nyawaranda V. Theoretical inquiry into the teaching of comprehension, International journal of open and distance learning, vol. 1, 2001
  5. Nyawaranda, V. The use of the mother tongue (Shona, L1) in Second Language (English, L2) instruction and learning in Zimbabwe: A case for a Common underlying hypothesis, Zimbabwe journal of educational research,vol. 12, No. 1, March 2000.
  6. Nyawaranda , V. A proposed model for teacher education in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe bulletin of teacher education,vol. 8, November , 1999.
  7. Siyakwazi, P. & Nyawaranda V. : An investigation of non-graduate student teachers’ perceptions of and attitudes towards teacher educators’ supervision and assessment of their (students’) classroom teaching. Zimbabwe bulletin of teacher education,vol. 3, September , 1993.
  8. Siyakwazi, P. & Nyawaranda, V. Student teachers’ perceptions of and attitudes towards teaching practice deployment in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe journal of educational research, vol. 5, no 1, March, 1993.
  9. Nyawaranda, V. Purposeful writing: Some practical observations. Teachers’ forum, June, 1990
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  11. Nyawaranda, V. Teaching for linguistic and communicative competence. Teachers’ Forum, February, 1988, vol. 16, no. 2, 19 22.
  12. Nyawaranda, V. Diglossia and its effects on the teaching of English as a Second Language in Zimbabwe. Teachers’ forum,October, 1988

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