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Dr Francis Machingura

Senior Lecturer


Ph. D. in Intercultural Biblical studies (University of    Bayreuth, Germany); M.A in Religious Studies (UZ); B.A (Hons) in Religious Studies (UZ); Grad.DE (UZ); Diploma in Project Planning and Management (CCOSA); Diploma in Pastoral Studies (Domboshawa Theological College).

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Teaching Areas: Religious Education, Religious Studies

Current Research: An exegetical analysis of John 17 towards the Hermeneutics of reconciliation in Zimbabwe.


Published books

1.Francis Machingura (2011). Can the Virgin Birth of Jesus Be Explained and Understood? A Scientific Point of View and The Zimbabwean Concept of Virginity. DM Verlag Dr. Müller GmbH & CO. KGV, ISBN: 978-3-639-33551-4.

2.Francis Machingura (2012), The Messianic Feeding of the Masses: An Analysis of John 6 in the Context of Messianic Leadership in Postcolonial Zimbabwe (PhD Thesis), University of Bamberg Press, ISBN: 978-3-86309-064-72012).

Published book chapters

1.Francis Machingura (2011). Prosperity Gospel as an Empire Building Project: A Critical Look at Zimbabwean Pentecostal Churches, in Pastoral und Geld: Theologische, Gesellschaftliche und kirchliche Herausforderungen (209-230), LIT VERLAG GmbH&Co. KG, ISBN: 978-3-643-50198-1.


2.Francis Machingura (2011). A Contextual Analysis of Acts 2:1-13 and its Implications in AFM, in From Text to Practice: The Role of the Bible in Daily Living of African People Today, BIAS Series, University of Bamberg Press, ISBN: 978-3-86309-004-3 .

3.Francis Machingura (2010). The Shona Concept of Spirit Possession (Kusvikirwa) and Pentecostal Phenomenon of Getting into the Spirit (Kupinda Mumweya) (85-102), Hope’s ReasonVolume 1, Number 1ISSN 1923-8125 (Print), ISSN 1923-8193 (Online), ISBN: 978-1-4583-8190-3 .

 4.Francis Machingura (2013), The Rights of People Living with Disability in the Third World Context: The Zimbabwean Pentecostal Context of ‘Curses and Blessings’ in the Light of Disability, Toward a Third World Discourse on Human RightsThe Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, ISBN: 978-0-7391-7735-8


 5.Francis Machingura (2012), Pentecostal Churches’ Attitude towards People living with HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe: Exclusion or Inclusion, Praktisch-theologischen Werkstatt, LIT VERLAG GmbH&Co. KG, ISBN: 978-3-643-50356-5


6.Francis Machingura (2012), The Judas Iscariot Episode in the Zimbabwean Religio-Political Debate of “Patriots and Sell-OutBible and Politics in Africa, University of Bamberg Press, ISBN: 978-3-86309-090-6.

Published articles in peer refereed journals

1.Francis Machingura (2003). Interpreting Jesus from an African Perspective, Journal of African Christian Thought, 28-33, ISSN: 0855-3262.


2.Francis Machingura (2010). The Reading and Interpretation of Matthew 18: 21-22 in Relation to Multiple Reconciliations: The Zimbabwean Experience, Exchange 39, 309-330, print ISNN: 0166-2740; Online-1572-543X.

3.Francis Machingura (2011). The Significance of Glossolalia in Apostolic Faith Mission, Zimbabwe, Studies in World Christianity, Volume 17, Part 1, 12-29, ISNN: 1354-9901.

Francis Machingura (2011). A Diet of Wives as the Lifestyle of the Vapostori Sects: The Polygamy Debate in the Face of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, Africana, Volume 5, Number 2, 185-210, ISNN: 2155-7829.


4.Francis Machingura and Jesca Mushoperi Machingura (2011). Women and Sungura Music in Zimbabwe: Sungura Music as a Culturally-Gendered Genre, R&D Research and Discussion, Volume 4, Number 1, ISNN: 1855-6280 .

5.Francis Machingura and Jesca Mushoperi Machingura (2011). “Where do you come from and when are you going back to your country”: A Diasporan Reflection on Identity Crises of African Immigrants in Germany, AIGNE JournalISNN: 2009-4523.

6.Francis Machingura (2012), The Gendered Politics in the Public Sphere: The Case of Zimbabwe, Pan African Social Science Review Journal.

7.Gift Masengwe and Francis Machingura (2012), Migration and Policymaking as Initiatives Appeal in the face of Crises: The Zimbabwean Case, International Journal of Peace and Development Studies (IJPS)ISSN:2141-2677


8.Francis Machingura (2012), A Painful Look at the Struggle of Zimbabwean Married Women in Relation to Safe Sex, Africana JournalISSN:2155-7829

9. Gift Masengwe, Francis Machingura and Edwin Magwidi, An Excavation on Church Governance: The Question of Autonomy in the Light of disempowered African Church Converts in the Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, Journal of Research in Peace, Gender and Development, ISSN:2251-0036

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