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Mr Hardy Chitate



M.Ed. Curriculum Theory (UZ); B.Ed. History (UZ); Certificate in Education, Secondary (Belvedere Teachers’ College).

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Research Interests: History Educational and Curriculum Issues

Current Research: A critical Appraisal of the ‘new’ history


1.“Post-Independent Zimbabwe’s New ‘O’ Level History Syllabus 2166: A Crisis of Expectations”. in Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research Vol.17 No. 3 Nov. 2005

2.Mavhunga, P.J and Chitate, H. “Course Design: Hints and Guidelines”, in View Points in Teaching and Learning Vol. 1, 2007, Harare.

3.“Problems Associated with Applying Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development to Children’s Thinking in History” in Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research Vol.21, No. 2 July 2009.

4.Chitate, H. (2011) Change and Innovation in Curriculum Enterprise: An Analysis of the Implementation of the Post-independence Zimbabwe ‘0’ Level History Syllabus 2166: Lambert Academic Publishing.

5.Chitate, H. “Zimbabwe’s ‘Four-Pathway’ Schools Proposal for Technical and Vocational Skills Development: Implementation Challenges, Benefits and Prospects.” In Educational Research International, Volume, 4. Number, 2. April,2015.


1.New History: A Case of New Wine in Old Bottles?

2.An Evaluation of the Skill-based Zimbabwe ‘O’ Level History Syllabus 2167

3.Zimbabwe Ordinary Level History and the call for Citizenship Education

Research in Progress

New History: A Case of New wine in Old Bottles

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