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Ms Morrin Phiri


M.Ed. Ndebele (UZ); B.Ed. Ndebele (UZ); Certificate in Education, Secondary (Hillside Teachers’ College).

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Research Interests: Language Teaching and DevelopmentCurriculum Planning and Development

Current Research: Language, Culture and Gender Issues, Language Policy in Zimbabwe


1.(2013) An Evaluation of How Students Learn to Write Research Proposals: A Case Study of the Master of Education Students in the Faculty of EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe. –Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research.


2.(In press) Patriarchy, Male Dominance and Gender-based Violence: The Politics of Exclusion in Zimbabwe’s Roman Catholic Church a book chapter in Churches and Gender-based Violence: Theological ResponsesUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal Cluster Series.

3.(2013) The Prophylactics: Is unhu/ubuntu an alternative for Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research.

4.(2009) Education For All in Zimbabwe: A Mirage? Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research, Vol 21, No.1. 25-47

5.(2008) A Critical Review of the Role of the Teacher in Curriculum Development with Special Reference to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Bulletin of Teacher Education, Vol 14, No.2.

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