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Mr Godfrey Museka


M.A. Religious Studies (UZ); B.A (Hons) Religious Studies (UZ); Grad. D.E. (UZ).

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Research Interests: Gender and Religion Conflict and Children Issues

Current Research: Beyond Phenomenology: Rethinking the teaching of Religious Education


1.The Religious Dimension to Intercultural, Values and Citizenship Education: A Call for Methodological Re-consideration in Zimbabwe’s Religious Education Curriculum, Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research, Vol 24 Number 1, March 2012.

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9.Patriarchy, Male Dominance and Gender-Based Violence: The Politics of Exclusion in Zimbabwe’s Roman Catholic Church, A Book Chapter in Churches and Gender-Based Violence: Theological Responses, University of KwaZulu-Natal. (In Press).

10.“There is no Room for Religion in Soccer”: Marginalisation of the Culturally Different, UNISA Latin American Report: UNISA Centre for Latin American Studies. (In Press).

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