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Mr Nicholas Sithole


M.Ed (UZ); B.Ed (UZ); C E (Hillside Teachers’ College).

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Research Interests: A comparative analysis of Ndebele and Shona Traditional practices

Current Research: D.Phil proposal on Ndebele and Shona traditional practices               


1.Academic Discourse : The challenges it poses to University of Zimbabwe’s Bachelor of Education Degree Students. N. Sithole. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research -2006

2.An experimental study into the use of computers for teaching of composition writing in English at Prince Edward School in Harare. L Tatira, N. Sithole, B.C Manyarara and R. Gora. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research -2009

3.Customary law of inheritance in traditional Ndebele families as depicted in selected Ndebele works of Art. Bhebhe C, Bhala T, Kadodo W and Sithole. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research -2010.

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