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Mrs Cecilia Kuziwa Mukundu


MED (Biology), (UZ), BED, (UZ), C.E., (UZ); Rhodes/SADC International Course in Environmental Education.

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Research Interests: Education for Sustainable Development

Area of Research: Environmental and Sustainability issues (ESD) with particular emphasis in curriculum issues (mainstreaming)

Current Research Projects: Quality and Relevance of Education: Mobilising Opportunities for Social Change through curriculum interventions: a case ofaddressing HIV/AIDS challenges at Parirewa High School, Domboshava, Zimbabwe. A SADC REEP commissioned research initiative.

Community service:

SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme (REEP) Community of Practice member

tutored on the Rhodes/SADC International Course in Environmental Education.

Environmental Education Association for Southern Africa (EEASA) Member SADC REEP Research Network member


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