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Mrs Sibusiso Roselyn Chitekuteku


Mrs Sibusiso Roselyn Chitekuteku

M.Ed (UZ); Certificate in Educational Planning,(IIEP);B.Ed (UZ)

Major: Educational Administration

Research Interests: Educational Planning and Programme and Project Evaluation.

Research Groups: OSREA, HRRC, Impact Research International in   Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Educational Leadership and Management Association (ZELMA) and Zimbabwe Evaluation and Research Association(ZERA)

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chidakwa. C., Chitekuteku, S.R., Kapfunde, C.L.K., (2014). An evaluation of the progress of gender equity and equality initiatives in education in Zimbabwe: a review of the Nziramasanga Commission on gender equity in education. (Accepted for publication in the second volume of the symposium on the Presidential Commission of Enquiry into Education and Training (The Nziramasanga Commission).

Chitekuteku, S.R. Evaluation of stigma index for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Chidakwa. C. and Chitekuteku. S.R.,(2012) A survey of the purpose of extra classes provided in primary schools of Harare province and their implications on the quality of education. In: Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research Vol: 24 Number 1.

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