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Mr P. Manatsa



MMus, BMus (Hons) (UP) B.Ed (UZ); CE (UZ)

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Major: Music Education, Children’s Music, Traditional music, Music Teacher Education

Research Interests: Children’s music; musical traditions



1. Manatsa .P. 1998. Safeguarding Tradition and Ensuring Change and Continuity: In L. Lundstrom (Ed) The Musician In New And Changing Contexts. Malmo Academy of Music: Sweden.

2. Manatsa .P. 2002. Across Music Education Other Disciplines: A Conceptual Framework for the Integration of Music Education and Other Disciplines: In D. Blom & I Paek (Eds) The Reflective Musician in a global society. ISME Commission for The Education of The Professional Musicians. Stavanger, Norway.

3. Manatsa .P.2006. Mhande A Shona-Karanga Rainmaking Dance: Lessons in Zimbabwean Traditional Dance for generalist primary teachers-the Morgan Zintec Experience: In Mans (Ed) Centring on African Practice in Musical Arts Education. African Minds. South Africa.

4. Manatsa.P, Takaendesa.T & Tafirenyika, J. 2012. Towards the democratisation of the Earlychilhood Development (ECD) in Zimbabwe. An assessment of the Implementation of the of the findings of the Nziramasanga Commission from 2000to 2011.

5. Chinouriri, B & Manatsa .P.2012. Tonga Musical Arts Education: A comaparison of the interplay of musical arts education and child development in   Tonga indigenous and contemporary milieus.

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