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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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Level 2:   A student shall take and pass 2 core courses and 10 options from the list below

Level 3:   A student shall take and pass 4 core courses and 4 options under Level 2 above, provided they were not taken

                    at Level 2, plus a dissertation

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
2 HSH0440 Shona Poetry 10 Core
HSH0450 Shona Drama 10
HSH0500 Theoretical Aspects of African Literature 10 Optional
HSH0510 Theories of Literature and Criticism 10
HSH0520 Elements of Shona Linguistic Structure 10
HSH0530 Theoretical Aspects of Shona Linguistic Structure 10
HSH0540 Translation 10
HSH0550 Lexicography 10
HSH0560 Introduction to Ethnomusicology 10
HSH0570 Ethnography and Organology 10
HSH0580 Introduction to Acting and Performance 10
HSH0590 Playmaking Workshop 10
HSH0600 Shona Oral Literature 10
HSH0610 Aspects of Shona Thought 10
HSH0620 Theories and Methods in Ethnomusicology 10
HSH0630 Trends in Ethnomusicology 10
HSH0640 Introduction to Uses of Theatre 10
HSH0650 Projects in Uses of Theatre 10
HSH0170 Trends in Zimbabwean Literature 20
HSH0180 Speech Styles and their Social Context 20
HSH0150 General Linguistic Theory 20
HSH0160 Sociolinguistics 20
3 HSH0700 The Development of the Shona Novel 10 Core
HSH0710 Themes and Perspectives in the Shona Novel 10
HSH0720 Shona Dialects 10
HSH0730 Language Planning and Orthography 10
HSH3370 Dissertation 40

Note:        The overall assessment of the Course, Practical Drama, will be done through the written examination (35%),

                    assignments (25%) and Drama (40%).

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