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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts Degrees

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                    Level 2 :    A student shall take and pass 12 core courses listed below:

                    Level 3:     A student shall take and pass 6 core courses and at least 2 options from the list below, plus a       Dissertation

Level Course  Code Description Prerequisite Course units Status
2 HTHA0270 Traditions of African Theatre 10 Core
HTHA0280 Trends in African Theatre 10
HTHA0290 Introduction to Stagecraft 10
HTHA0300 Advanced Stagecraft 10
HTHA0310 Theatre Management 10
HTHA0320 Arts Administration 10
HTHA0330 Principles of Dance Composition 10
HTHA0340 Design for Dance 10
HTHA0350 Acting for the Stage 10
HTHA0360 Acting for the Camera 10
HTHA0370 Theatre and Education 10
HTHA0380 Theatre and Development Communication 10
3 HTHA0390 Fundamentals of Directing 10 Core
HTHA0400 Directing Workshop 10
HTHA0410 Production Practicum 10
HTHA0420 Advanced Production 10
HTHA0430 Theatre Criticism: Textual Analysis 10
HTHA0440 Theatre Criticism: Performance Analysis 10
HTHA3370 Dissertation 40
HTHA0450 Scriptwriting for the Stage 10 Optional
HTHA0460 Scriptwriting for Film & Television 10
HTHA0470 Principles of Choreography 10
HTHA0480 Applied Choreography 10
HTHA0490 20th Century Theatre Innovators: 1900-1950 10
HTHA0500 20th Century Theatre Innovators: 1950-2000 10
HTHA0510 Theories of Film & Media 10
HTHA0520 Techniques in Film & Media 10

Notes:      1. Overall assessment of practical courses shall be done through written examination (35%),   assignments (25%) and practical examination (40%), with the approval of the Senate. 

  1. At the end of Level 2, a student shall have to satisfy the Departmental Board that h/she has participated in at least one production or any production undertaken as part of coursework.

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