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    Faculty of ARTS

    Faculty of Arts is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “arts” for academic purposes.

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    Arts Degrees

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Level 2    A student shall take and pass 2 core courses and 10 courses from the list of options below:

                    Level 3     A student shall take and pass 2 core courses and 6 optional courses from the list of Level 2 courses

                                        above, provided they were not taken at Level 2, and a Dissertation.

Level Course Code Description Prerequisite Course Units Status
2 HHS0030 Theory and Method in History 10 Core
HHS0360 Historiographical Traditions 10
HHS0050 African Women under  Colonialism HS1060 10



HHS0060 Women in Independent Africa 10
HHS0070 Early History of Middle East and North Africa 10
HHS0080 History of Ottoman Empire to 1923 10
HHS0090 Middle East and North Africa in the 20th Century HHS0080 10
HHS0100 Pre-colonial History of Central Africa 10
HHS0110 Colonial and Post-Colonial History of Central Africa 10
HHS0120 Southern Africa, 15th to late 10
19th Century 10
HHS0130 Southern Africa, Colonial Rule to Independence 10
HHS0140 Western Europe, mid-17th to mid-19th Century 10
HHS0350 Western Europe, mid-19th Century to Present 10
HHS0160 History of Political Thought 10
HHS0170 History of Ideas 10
HHS0180 History of Asia to 1920 10
HHS0190 History of Asia since 1920 10
HHS0200 Latin America and Caribbean
to Colonial Period 10

Latin America and Caribbean,

Independence to Present

HHS0220 East Africa to late 19th Century 10
HHS0230 East Africa from late 19th Century to Present 10
HHS0240 History of West Africa to Partition 10
HHS0250 West Africa from Partition to Post-Independence 10
HHS0260 History of North America to late 19th Century 10
HHS0270 North America, late 19th Century to Present 10
HHS0280 Intro. to Russia & Eastern Europe, 1800-1939 10
HHS0290 The Cold War and Communism, 1945-1990 10
HHS0300 Prehistory of Africa 10
HHS0310 Later Prehistory of Southern Africa 10
HHS0320 Introduction to Archaeological Methods 10
HHS0330 Directed Reading 10
HHS2340 Archival and Library Skills 10
3 HHS0010 History of Zimbabwe before 1890 10 Core
HHS0020 History of Zimbabwe 1890 to Present 10
HHS3370 Dissertation 40

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