school and education




Institutes & Units

  • African Languages Research Institute
  • Centre for Applied Social Science (Cass) (Social Studies)
  • Centre for Defence Studies (Arts)
  • Computer Centre
  • Confucius Institute (Arts)
  • Development Technology Centre (Agriculture)
  • Human Resources Research Centre (Education)
  • Institute of Continuing Health Education (CHS)
  • Institute of Development Studies
  • Institute of Environmental Studies
  • Institute of Mining Research (Faculty of Science Department)
  • Postgraduate Centre
  • Population Studies
  • Research Support Centre
  • University Lake Kariba Research Station
  • University Teaching and Learning Centre
  • Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women’s Law (SEARCWL)
  • UZ Farm
  • UZ School of Technology
  • UZ Education and HIV & AIDS Centre

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