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Call For Papers: EAI International Conference for Research, Innovation and Development for Africa, ACRID 2017


About the ACRID Conference
 The conference seeks to bring together academics, researchers and industrialists across many disciplines, in particular those that have the most impact in Africa's Development. Most conferences on the continent have covered limited disciplines and therefore the opportunity has been lost sharing

information, results and knowledge in a way which can solve the many contentious issues, most of which can be solved through a multidisciplinary approach. The Call for Papers will invite papers from areas of Sustainable Development (Energy & Power Systems, Agriculture included), Electronics, Communications and Computer Systems (e-Government, Internet of Things, Big Data), Science including Science & Engineering Education. The conference promotes a multi-discipline approach to the solution of problems and application of innovation in industrial Production, Mining, Manufacturing and Transportation and the participation of youth and women in Engineering and Technology. Africa currently faces serious flight of skills "brain drain" and possible answers to this problem could be investment in capacity building and teaching models that utilize modern communications technologies and that link "north" and "south". The conference particularly values the contributions of women in engineering and young people in Universities and Research Institutes.

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