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Foreign Languages Celebrations


On the 6th of May, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature successfully hosted the 2017 edition of Foreign Languages Celebrations under the theme “Foreign Languages for Economic Growth”.   A total of 209 students from Chinese, French, German and Portuguese sections attended the celebrations. Apart from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature students, The Ambassador of the State of Palestine, Hon. Taghrid, The Ambassador of Algeria, Hon. Sai N Chinese Embassy, Mozambican Embassy representatives as well as students and lecturers from the New Hope Centre also attended the celebrations. Each section presented items for entertainment in the form of songs, dance, poetry and drama in their languages. All the participants especially from the Portuguese and German sections exhibited high command of their respective languages. The Portuguese students presented a short story followed by an academic analysis of the story in Portuguese. The German section students presented a talk show related to cooking.  The piece was quite interesting to the extent that some lecturers suggested that the piece be marketed to ZBC as a talk show entertainment programme.  The celebrations were totally students centered; hence the whole programme was coordinated and controlled by the students themselves.

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