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Department of Science and Mathematics Education

Chairperson & Lecturer

Dr Oswell Namasasu

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D’Phil (Geography Education: Citizenship, UZ); M.A. (Human Geography, Queen’s University at Kingston,)

BA (Geography, Economics & Education, National University of Lesotho); Certificate in Remote Sensing (Physical Geography, University of Stockholm)

Certificate in Translation and Interpretation Studies (Shona: English, UZ); Certificate in French (DELF, Ministry of Education, France)

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To be (and seen by others as) a leading Science/Mathematics/Technology Education Department.


The mission of the department is to produce high quality professional science and mathematics educators.  The department focuses on the pre- and in-service training of science and mathematics educators in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics and public service.  The programmes offered lead to the attainment of:

  • Bachelor of Education (Science and Mathematics) Degree
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Science and Mathematics)
  • Master of Education in Science/Mathematics/Professional Development.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Science Education (INSET)

The department also produces Science and Mathematics teachers through a distance education platform (B.Ed ODeL) in an effort to increase qualified teachers in schools.

Public service includes providing a series of workshops, seminars and research activities related to the improvement of the quality of science education for primary and secondary school science, mathematics and geography teachers.  This is accomplished in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, the Ministry of Higher Education and Technology and other stakeholders

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The Chairperson

Department of Science and Maths Education

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University of Zimbabwe

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Telephone: 303211 Ext. 16082

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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