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Zivengwa, T.



 Mr Tichaona Zivengwa

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Economics, UZ; MSc Economics, UZ

Research Interests:  Development and Institutional Economics, Macroeconomic policy and Agricultural Economics.

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Biography for Tichaona Zivengwa

Tichaona Zivengwa is a lecturer in the Economics department (UZ) teaching Mathematics for Economics, Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Macroeconomics, Agricultural Economic Development and Microeconomics.  He joined the department as a full time lecturer in December 2006. He is also a researcher on macroeconomic problems specialising on development issues. Before joining the University of Zimbabwe’s Economics Department, Tichaona worked for Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and he contributed immensely to the organization’s thrust on Electricity-End-Use Infrastructure Development (EEUID). Tichaona holds a  BSc and an MSc. in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe and is currently studying towards a DPhil in economics. His research interests include institutions, growth, investment and income inequality at both macro and micro level. Tichaona gained a lot of experience in working with both time series and cross sectional data.  Among the numerous researches done by Tichaona, includes; Electricity end use infrastructure development in Zimbabwe, A research done for REA and sponsored by WAPCOS of India (2005-2006);  National budget analysis for more than five years (2009-2015); The Economics of Biofuels in Zimbabwe; A World Bank Country Study; April 2012; An Assessment of the rail sector in Zimbabwe: Impact on competitiveness: Sponsored by the Danish Industries; Mobile Microinsurance survey in Zimbabwe: Sponsored by CENFRI (2013); Local Export Manufacturing survey in Zimbabwe: Sponsored by ZIMTRADE (2013); Post Election Economic Analysis: A Paper Done for Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, Aids and Malaria (2013);  Economic, political and health environmental analysis for Zimbabwe: A Paper for the Global Fund (2014) and Sensitivity Analysis for the Harare City Council Business Licensing Fees Revenue Sensitivity Analysis: Sponsored by USAID SERA (2016).


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