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Mr. Joel Chaeruka


Mr. Joel Chaeruka

BA, MSc, MPhil (UZ), MZIRUP, MRTPI, Cert, Urban Policy and Management (UC London), Cert. Local and Regional Development (UNCRD)

Key Research Areas:-Urban design and planning law; housing policy and practice

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1. Assessing regulatory framework bottlenecks for low cost housing in Zimbabwe”, 2009 (this includes land delivery)
2. Wrote: The Final Draft Country Programme Document for UN-HABITAT in Zimbabwe, 2008 to 2011, Harare, 2008
3. Housing policy in Zimbabwe (2009) for “The National Housing Symposium” and “The National Housing Convention”
4. The revitalization of planning education in Africa: The University of Zimbabwe Case –Department of Rural and Urban Planning (2008)
5. Planning Handbook (2005 Revised Edition: Harare: Joel Chaeruka) for The Department of Physical Planning (Min. of Local Government Public Works and Urban Development)
6. Planning Legislation in Zimbabwe: What has gone wrong and how can it be fixed? Kenneth Odero and Joel Chaeruka (UZ). Paper presented at The 7th International Conference on Planning Legislation, Housing and Environment, ICPLAVA VII, Lusaka, Zambia; 7 to 11 Nov 2005.
7. Practitioners Reflections on Participatory Budgeting In Harare, Mutoko and Marondera Workshops/Meetings and Experiences (By Joel Chaeruka and Peter Sigauke), in an MDP Journal
8. Monitoring and evaluation reports/papers: Improving the Urban Environment with Organizations of Poor Women and Men Jan 2005 to June 2008 (2007)
9. Research Methodologies, Research Skills (Interviews, Questionnaires, Observation Methods). Chaeruka Joel. Paper presented at a workshop of the Department of Policy Implementation in the Office of the President and Cabinet; 15 to 17 January 2006, ZIPAM

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