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Mr. Nyasha T. Mutsindikwa


Mr. Nyasha T. Mutsindikwa

MSc in RUP, UZ; BSc (Hons) Degree in RUP,UZ; Post Graduate Diploma in Urban planning, Institute for Housing and Urban Development(IHS),Netherlands; Certificate in Land and Housing policies, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement(KRIHS),South Korea; Certificate in Urban planning and Development, Korea Research institute for Human Settlement(KRIHS),South Korea

Key Research Areas:- Urban planning, Housing and Building Construction

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell:  +263 773 889 396



Refereed Journals
1. Mutsindikwa N, Ruparanganda W, and Chatiza K (2015) Institutional Perspectives on Low-income Homeownership in Harare, Zambezia, Volume 38, Nos.i/ii2013, Pages 89-106, University of Zimbabwe Publications.
2. Chirisa I,Nyamadzawo L,Bandauko and Mutsindikwa N (2015) The 2008/2009 cholera outbreak in Harare,Zimbabwe:Case of failure in urban environmental health and planning,Environmental Health,30(2)pages 117-124
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4. Chirisa I, Mutsindikwa N, Chanza N, Dumba S, Chaonwa M and Bowora J (2013) Technocracy, Rationality and Post-Coloniality in Zimbabwe: Zooming on selected issues in Contemporary rural and urban issues in Zimbabwe: Implications for policy and planning by Innocent Chirisa. Publisher: Academia Press, LLC, Cambridge station, USA.
5. Mutsindikwa N.T (2011) Enhancing research capacity for sustainable urban development policies in Zimbabwe, Global development partnership center, planning and policy report vol.02,pages 102-119, KRIHS.(Award winning Paper)
6. Chirisa I, Bandauko E and Mutsindikwa N.T (2015) Distributive politics at play in Harare, Zimbabwe: case for housing cooperatives, Bandung: Journal of the Global South, a Springer Open Journal.

Non-Refereed Journals
7. Chibuwe P and Mutsindikwa N.T (2012) Integrating the informal Sector in Urban Plans: A case of informal Trade at Sakubva Musika in Mutare, Zimbabwe, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.

8. Nevhunjere H. and Mutsindikwa N.T (2012) Incremental housing development in Zimbabwe: Case for Hatcliffe Extension, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.

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