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Mr. S. Dumba

Teaching Assistant

Mr. S. Dumba


Key Research Areas:- Traffic Planning, Public Transport and Transport-Land use Interaction

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Cell:  +263 775 682 351



Refereed Journals
1. Smart Dumba and Innocent Chirisa (2010).,The Plight of Illegal Migrants In South Africa: A Case Study Of Zimbabweans in Soshanguve Extension 4 and 5, International Journal of Politics and Good Governance Volume 1, No. 1.2 Quarter II ISSN No. 0976 – 1195.
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Adaptive and Survivalist Strategies by Small Business Enterprises in
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Contribution to Book Chapter
1. Jemitias Mapira and Innocent Chirisa (eds) (2012)., Urbanisation in Zimbabwe: Selected Cities. EpiCentre Stories Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-938609-12-1 at an angle
2. Contributed a subsection entitled ‘Urban Public Transport’ in Chirisa, I; Mutsindikwa, N.T; Chanza, N; Dumba, S; M Gaza and Bowora, J., ‘Technocracy, Rationality and Post-Coloniality in Zimbabwe: Zooming on selected issues, in Chirisa I (ed) (2013)., Contemporary Rural and Urban Issues In Zimbabwe: Implications for Policy and Planning. Academia Press, Cambridge station ISBN: 978-1-93632-055-4.

Contribution to Newspaper and Newsletter Columns

1. Smart Dumba (2013)., Congested City: Streets Blamed, in Harare News, Issue 4, October 2013, Harare News (Pvt) Ltd.
2. Smart Dumba (2014)., Transport Planning in the 21st Century, in the Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and Urban Planners (ZIRUP) Newsletter, Issue Number 1, January-March 2014.
3. Smart Dumba (2015)., “30 000 vehicles face deregistration”, The Sunday Mail, 23 August 2015. Zimpapers.

Papers Presented At Conferences and Workshops
1. Tatenda Mbara, Smart Dumba and Tapiwa Mukwashi (2013)., Convergence or divergence perspective: multi-stakeholder dialogue on formal and informal forms of public transport in Harare, Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the 13th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport held at St Anne's College, University of Oxford, UK from Sunday 15 to Thursday 19 September 2013.
2. Smart Dumba (2014)., Transport in Harare: Present State, Challenges and Future Policy Directions. Paper presented at Environmental Management and Town Planning Issues Workshop, Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre, 5-8 September, 2014.
3. Smart Dumba (2014)., Urban public transport in Harare: A policy analysis perspective. Paper presented at “The Transport Convention” - Debating the Urban Public Transport Challenges in view of the new National Transport Policy, Jameson Hotel, Harare, 1-2 October 2014.
4. S. Dumba, L-D. Vassileva and T. Gumbo (2016)., Methodological issues in modeling signalised intersection capacity under informal public transport operations: case study, Harare, Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the World Conference on Transport Research Society, 10-15 July, 2016, Shanghai, China.

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