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Dr. Heather. Chingono

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Heather. Chingono 
PhD in Laws International Relations, MSc. International Relations, BSc. Honours in Politics and Administration, Dip in Personnel Administration (IPMZ)
Key Research Areas: Economic Sanction, China – Africa Relations, African Foreign Policy, International Relations, Research Methodology, International Law & Africa, Politics & Governance in Africa
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2. Chingono, H. (2010) Zimbabwe Economic Sanctions: An analysis of the “Lingo” guiding the Perceptions of the Sanctioners and the Sanctionees: Journal of Political Science and International Relations, Volume (4) Number (2), pp 66- 74.

3. Chingono, H. (2010) Zimbabwe Economic Sanctions: A Panacea to Democracy and Good Governance? Turkish Journal of International, Volume (9) Number (1).

4. Chingono, H. (2010) Zimbabwe’s “Look East Policy”, China Monitor, The Centre for Chinese Studies; Stellenbosch University, South Africa. November Issue.

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