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    Faculty of Engineering

    Faculty of Engineering is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “engineering” for academic purposes.

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    Engineering Degrees

    Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make meaningful engineering contributions

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Faculty Office Staff


Senior Assistant Registrar

Mr A Nyakazumbu

Nyakadzumbu A (Mr)

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Administration (UZ) 

Administrative Assistant 

Mrs R Chidzikwe
Chidzikwe R (Mrs)
Bachelor of Management (Human Resources) Degree    (ZOU)       


Mrs A Nyamadzawo

Nyamadzawo A (Mrs) 
Cert. Audio Typing, Cert Office Administration

Senior Secretary

Mrs E Muranda

Muranda E (Mrs)

City & Guilds Full Secretarial Studies

Senior Secretary

Mrs N Precious Tengwa

Tengwa Precious N (Mrs) 
Bsc Hons. Sociology & Gender Development studies

Diploma in Executive Secretarial Studies                

Office & Information Manager

Mrs J Sadomba

Sadomba J (Mrs) 
Bsc in Human Resources Mgmt
ND in Secretarial Studies


Ms F Mutengwa

Mutengwa F (Ms)
National Diploma in Secretarial Studies (HEXCO)    

IT Technician

Mr CO Tsakira

Tsakira C O (Mr)

BTech Hons in IT, HND in IT

Clerical Assistant 

Mr H Guviriro
Guviriro H (Mr)
Diploma in Telecomunications           


Mr A Motsi

Motsi A (Mr) 
HND Mechanical Eng, Journeyman Class 1(Eng)


Ms M Ndimo

Ndimo M (Ms)

Diploma in Secretarial studies 


Mr E Dimingo
Dimingo E (Mr)
Cert. Weldex welding           


Damba D Mr

Damba D (Mr)

Workshop Staff

Senior Chief Technician

Mr K Musinwini

Musingwini K (Mr)

ND in Mechanical & Workshop Production.

 Senior Chief Technician

Mr C Makondo

 Makondo C (Mr)
City & Guilds T5 Telecoms           

Senior Engineering Instructor

Mr M K Kamangira

Kamangira M. K (Mr) 
Adv. City & Guilds London Instructor, FETC, Diploma in Architectural Technology

Engineering Instructor

Mr h Masanganise

Masanganise H (Mr)

HND in Mech, Journeyman

Senior Technician

Mr L Masaiti

Masaiti L (Mr) 
BA in Theology, Journeyman Class1                

Senior Technician

Mr P Mamvurura

Mamvurura P (Mr) 
Journeyman Class1 (Electrician), Cert. in IT (UZ), Cert. in PC Maintenance & Repair, 33KV Switching Cert. (ZESA)

Senior Technician

Mr L Gundani

Gundani L (Mr)
Journeyman Class1, City & Guilds T5, FTC in Mechanical Engineering.               

Senior Technician

Mr D Moyo

Moyo D (Mr)

Machine Shop Engineering Class1

Senior Technician

Mr E Moyo

Moyo E (Mr)
ND Mech.(Production), Autocard Technician, Automotive          

Senior Technician

Mr A Madzivire

Madzivire A (Mr) 
ND Mechanical Eng (Plant)

Senior Technician

Mr M Mlambo

Mlambo M (Mr)

Adv National Cert. in Capentry/Joinery 


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