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Bachelor of Veterinary Science Degree


BVSc Part III Year 4:

CM3V00         Clinical Medicine, General Surgery, Anaesthesiology and Radiology

EH3V00         Epidemiology and Herd Health, Wildlife and Exotic Medicine

EM3V00         Equine Medicine and Surgery

PP3V00          Porcine and Poultry Medicine

RM3V00         Ruminant Medicine and Surgery

SM3V00         Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

TG3V00          Theriogenology


BVSc Part IV Year 5

CVS4V01       Small Animal Medicine

CVS4V02       Large Animal Medicine

CVS4V04       Surgery, Anaesthesia and Radiology 

CVC4V05       Herd Health, Wildlife and Reproduction      

CVS4V06       Laboratory Diagnostic and Pathology

CVS4V07       Public Health

CSVE301        Communication Skills

VTCL560        Research Project

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