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About the Research Week

The University of Zimbabwe will be holding its 2022 edition of the Research Innovation and Industrialization Week in line with its Strategic Plan 2019-2025. The Strategic Plan, premised on the Government of Zimbabwe Education 5.0 philosophy embracing Teaching, Research, Community Outreach, Innovation and Industrialisation, clearly sets the stage for the University research and innovation agenda through its various Faculties, Institutes and collaborating partners towards National Vision 2030. The main theme for Research Innovation and Industrialization Week 2022 is University of Zimbabwe: Actualization of a Research-Innovation-Industrialization Ecosystem Model for Zimbabwe’s Economic Development
The Objective 

The overall objective of the UZ Research Innovation and Industrialization Week is to provide a forum for communicating and showcasing research and innovations by UZ academics and researchers, including staff and students in collaboration with their diverse partners with a view to promoting uptake of research outputs and to attract partnerships with industry, commerce and the civic society.

The specific objectives of the UZ Research Innovation and Industrialization Week are to:

  1. Enable staff and students to share, learn and celebrate the quality and achievements of research conducted across all Faculties and Institutes of the University of Zimbabwe;
  2. Bring together and allow UZ’s current and potential collaborating partners in government, private sector, regional and international development, and civic society to showcase their scope of work and identify areas for partnership;
  3. Allow the general Zimbabwean public to interact with the UZ’s research processes and outputs and identify projects that have a potential to positively impact on their livelihoods and endeavours;
  4. Open opportunities for research collaboration and funding; and
  5. Motivate academics and researchers by recognising their research efforts, innovations and output through research awards.

Dates and venue for UZ Reseach Innovation and Industrialization Week 2022

Dates: 25 – 30 July 2022

Venue: University of Zimbabwe Main Campus

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